July 20th, 2008

moon house

[Sunday] "i hear it's nice this time of year"

Huh.  I got ~8hrs of sleep, woke up a number of times and fell back asleep (left the fan on all night) and ultimately got up on my own before my alarm.

I picked up the key to my new apartment.  And have begun moving boxes out into the living room -- giving me more room to maneuver as well as the opportunity to Swiffer.  It also gives me a better sense of which boxes are only partially full so I can pack the piles of paper I wanna keep and such like.  I have so much crap.  And so much of it I wanna keep.  Or at least go over more thoroughly than I can right now.  I feel like a bitch making people help me move all this.  At least I'm almost done -- just a few more boxes to go through and then it's just packing up books and clothes and a few sundries.  Oh, and food, too.  Anyway.  Another bag of paper to be taken out to the curb, so yay for that.

About ten past three it started thundering.  At first I wasn't sure it was even raining 'cause I didn't smell it, but I went outside and stood in the rain for a bit.  About twenty minutes later it was over.  Oh summer storms.
    I also got caught in a storm on my way to evening church.  About halfway there it started raining, and at first I thought it was just the rain drops from the earlier storm falling off the tree leaves, but then I realized it was real rain.  And just a few minutes from church it started coming down heavily and I was kinda soaked by the time I got to church.  I didn't mind it at all except that I had to wring my clothes out when I got inside.  I was wearing really good clothes for it, though, so I looked fine.  And my new short haircut means my hair being wet doesn't equal my hair looking all bedraggled.

FanHistory.com, what?  I hadn't heard about it before I saw someone talking about it today, and I love the idea in theory but the execution thus far seems subpar.  Someone said, "I think that the FFN entries, at least, are done by a bot, which is why everyone and their dog is on there, with a complete list of FFN stories."

Dr. Horrible fix-it fic I have read thus far:
+ "You Gotta Have Heart" by executrix
+ Untitled by Amalie (amaliedageek)
+ "Dr. Horrible Goes Back In Time: Left Turn" by Lorraine (lunabee34)
+ "Watch Him As He Goes" by kurukami
I also like this idea for how the ending could have gone down.  This idea also works.
And apparently there is horrible_fic (I should not be surprised), though I haven't read any of it yet.

"New brain scanning technologies are revealing that the part of the brain that processes physical pain also deals with emotional pain." (BBC) [link via inlovewithnight]