July 22nd, 2008

big girl world


I just had a fairly productive meeting with Prof.B. -- a lot of stuff was, "We'll deal with this tomorrow," but at least he's aware of the stuff we need to deal with -- which included confirmation of assorted logistics for ASSA/AEA in January and for the upcoming Recruiting season generally.

I also had a good conversation with my brother about our Greece&Italy trip.

And now it is raining, which also makes me happy.

I realized that the weather must have improved when I got home last night and didn't turn my window fan on.  And despite having gone to bed at midnight, I didn't have a problem waking up/getting up with my 6am alarm, so I must have actually gotten some quality sleep.  Magic 106.7 this morning said it was "67 in the Back Bay."  Rejoice!

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I stopped by RadioShack on the way home to get a wireless adapter (I have a desktop and the place I'm moving in to is set up for wireless) and there were a bunch, which didn't seem markedly different.  Is there anything I should be looking for specifically?  'Cause otherwise I will just buy the cheapest ($39.99) one.


In some down time today I read the Gawker interview with Joss (it's about Dr. Horrible but doesn't really have any spoilers).
Q. In my dreams I traverse great depths and voids of unnamed space and find myself in a netherworld where untold numbers of Buffy and Firefly props are just laying around and I can just take them back to my apartment and mount them in the sweetest little shrines. What Buffy/Firefly props have you held onto as personal mementos?

A. I have a life-sized Sean Maher made of human flesh that keeps screaming that it's the real Sean Maher and I should unchain it. Amazing technology!

Also in going through some old YahooNews notifications, I read a SyFy Portal interview with Summer Glau which has an interesting take on one complaint I've heard about Cameron.  Collapse )