July 28th, 2008

big girl world

I feel so much better about my life right now!

I actually got my front door open without too much difficulty.  All day I had been dreading having to deal with this -- and I still don't know what I did differently, but I feel so much better about having to deal with this going forward now that I had success once.

And I am making (for values of "making" that equal "boiling") pierogies for dinner.

My mom emailed and YMed me this morning -- and emailed and called after work today -- to check in and say encouraging things.  *is loved*


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When I got in to the office, my computer was not responding to keyboard+mouse.  I eventually did a hard reboot (after literally checking all the cables) and it was fine.  What up?

I saw Sara (and Nithya) on my way back to the office from getting lunch, and initially I was gonna go back to my desk and work on Europe logistics, but then I decided that I could just stay after work and do that, since I wasn't in any rush to get home, so I had lunch with a clutch of new RAs.

And I still actually managed to put together a preliminary itinerary by midafternoon, and had a brief chat with my brother shortly thereafter and he's gonna look it over tonight and get back to me, so hopefully tomorrow I can make reservations.

I added a significant amount of information to the Recruiting outline (yay for Kathleen's process emails from last year).  And Aleta called me back (I'd emailed her on Thursday), so I didn't have to hound her.

And I did work on a few other actual work-related things -- more than I had expected I would accomplish, actually, given my paralyzing lack of motivation in the face of long to-do lists.

I finally canceled my cable/internet and gas/electric and emailed my former roomies to wrap stuff up.

My legs were tired/sore all day (hi, I walked like 6 miles yesterday -- half of it uphill) and after work I picked stuff up at CVS and Tags and walked to Davis and decided to just take the 96 bus home.

I really want to unpack, but I also really want to get a lot of sleep tonight.  But it's only 7pm, so I should be able to do a fair amount of unpacking (dishes and clothes at least -- not books and CDs tonight) and still get to bed at like 9pm.