August 2nd, 2008

big girl world

And yet I don't actually feel all that accomplished.

Heh.  I didn't end up getting to bed until like 1am, but then I woke up at like 7:15.  (I purposely didn't set an alarm, 'cause I knew as long as I was up before about 11am I could easily get taken care of the out-of-the-house things on my list.)

Today I:
+ put away the dishes I washed last night
+ more thoroughly wiped down my bookshelves
+ found where I had packed one of my umbrellas (we hadn't actually had any thunderstorms this week, despite predictions, but not knowing where either of my umbrellas were was making me nervous; apparently it downpoured while I was in the theater this afternoon, but by the time I got out it had almost completely stopped)
+ began unpacking books
+ decided that really I should get rid of a lot of these books (I'll do up a list eventually, but for now I'm just gonna say: check out my LibraryThing [tag page], and if you want anything, let me know)
+ got all of my books at least onto shelves and in some semblance of order [see?]
+ more thoroughly wiped down my CD rack and put away my CDs
+ brought the number of copy paper boxes in the living room down to 22 (many of which are only partially full)
+ paid my rent
+ ate lunch (and was unimpressed by Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar)
+ put sunscreen on my face ('cause I feel like I've been lightly burning my face a lot recently)
+ went to return my old modem to RCN and, standing at the bus stop, double-checking which stop I was gonna wanna get off at on the 77, realized that although in my head I had been thinking the Saturday hours were "12-5" what I had written down was in fact "9-12" (it was at this point about 12:30); sigh
+ read Sam Shepard's "The Buried Child" on someone's recommendation
+ stopped at an ATM to deposit my birthday check and withdraw money (I had $4 in cash in my wallet)
+ saw the 3:00 matinée of The Dark Knight at Somerville Theater
+ met up with Allie to return her Discman, which she had left on my kitchen table last night
+ bought milk (at Alexanders, around the corner)
+ ate dinner