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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, August 10th, 2008

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[Sunday] these are my days
I washed dishes this morning -- and when I was taking my housemate's dishes out of the drainer I saw a layer of grit on them -- which I had seen on the dish drainer a few days before.  I investigated, and it turns out that the cupboard above, the side isn't fully attached so grit from the bottom shelf falls onto the dish drainer when you move stuff in the cupboard.  So I did some cleaning of that shelf.

I went to CHPC and chatted with people during Coffee Hour.

I bought a travel alarm clock (and batteries).

I did laundry.

Ari called (as planned).  I talked about work at great length, since apparently that's what I do.  Eventually we got to talking fandom, though -- and tagging!

My phone died after like two hours (boo).

While I was on the phone with Ari, it started thundering loudly.  I had looked at weather.com that morning but had apparently completely missed the obvious predictions of thunderstorms.  When I left for church around 4:30, it was still raining heavily.  I still haven't found my black umbrella, so I took my purple umbrella (a gift from Mrs. King summer of '99?).  I pressed the button to open it (my black one is manual) and it popped open but then made a bad popping sound, and the umbrella wouldn't stay open, so I just held it open.  Before I even got to the bridge, it was starting to come down a little so I let it fold in and figured I'd just open it up again -- except then I couldn't get it open at all.  Yeah, that was fun.  So I walked all the remaining way to church with no umbrella.  (My phone was still charging in my room, and I didn't really want to call the Collective or anyone to ask for a ride anyway.)  I was soaked by the time I got to the church, but I actually felt fine -- even as the evening progressed and I started to dry.

CWM included a film screening -- Fish Can't Fly (about people who went through ex-gay ministries).  *shrugs*  I'm stoked for Boy I Am (scroll down here for info) the Sunday I'm back (Aug. 24)

I came home and called back my brother.

Have I packed?  Yeah, no.  Packing tomorrow morning is looking really appealing.  [Edit: Yeah, I am totally going to bed and packing in the morning.]


I'll likely be online tomorrow morning before I leave, but I don't expect to be online while I'm abroad (and I'm not bringing my cell phone).

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