August 11th, 2008


Amusingly, at one point the airport was playing "Celebrate."

So, the 1:30 to Philly got canceled (along with like half the rest of USAir's flights -- gotta love weather), so we're bumped to tomorrow (12:30pm-1:57pm BOS-PHL #1929).  We opted to change our flight to fly into Venice (6:25pm-9:00am PHL-VCE #714) since at this point we would be spending barely any time in Greece.  (Sorry, Isabel!)

I actually feel very mellow about the whole thing, despite the hours and hours we spent in line.  I just need to cancel our Athens-Venice flight, cancel our Athens hostel, and extend the Venice hostel one day since we'll be arriving one day earlier than planned.

I almost brought my cell phone to the airport today but didn't (otherwise I totally would have called LJ at like 11:45 when I heard the announcement that my flight was canceled and so I should proceed to full-servce check-in).  I am bringing it tomorrow, though.  Just in case any craziness happens again on the outbound or the return (though I certainly hope there isn't any).

My dad drove me home (he had driven my brother in, and waited with us through all the rigamarole), which meant as a bonus he could take my empty boxes.