August 23rd, 2008

professional me, self

I can feel fairly good about this Saturday.

I emailed LauraRuth yesterday morning saying I'd returned safely and did she wanna grab coffee.  She emailed me back this morning saying, "Welcome home! I'm did miss you, truly."  ♥


Today I:
+ returned the cable modem from my old apartment
+ bought groceries (and walked all the way home with them because I missed the 96 bus by like 5 minutes -- it passed me as I walked from Porter to Davis)
Shaw's is such a step up from Johnnie's FoodMaster.  They don't have the Axelrod yogurt I used to get at the FoodMaster, so I looked for other gelatin-free yogurts and came home with single-serving containers of:

* Cascade Fresh -- marionberry, raspberry, cherry vanilla
* Wallaby Organic (creamy Australian style) -- banana vanilla, raspberry
* Emmi Swiss Premium -- black cherry
* Whole Soy & Co. (soy yogurt) -- raspberry
* and a 2lb container of Stonyfield Farm Organic Banilla (which I already know and love)
+ did laundry
+ put up a hand towel in the bathroom (there had been a bath towel living there for a while, hence my not having done it before)
+ paid a bunch of bills, and activated my TJX rewards card
+ hung out with Housemate and her parents and her bf
+ went out to dinner with them at Sei Bar around the corner (where I had sake for the first time)
+ caught up on LJ (though a bunch of the entries have been bookmarked for more thorough reading/commenting later)


From my dad:
[Orin Kerr, August 23, 2008 at 2:10am]
Banned From Parks For Correcting Typos:
From "A man from Somerville, Mass., and his friend who went around the country this year removing typographical errors from public signs have been banned from national parks after vandalizing a historic marker at the Grand Canyon."
(A commenter points out that it's a hand-lettered sign and thus an "orthographical" rather than a "typographical" error.)