August 29th, 2008

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i haven't been liveblogging, but...

srsly, CNN? At like 7:50am ET, Kiran said, "Breaking News: John McCain will announce his pick for VP within the next few hours." Um, we've all known for days that he was expected to name his pick today; that is not actually news. And Dana Bash is clearly not "working [their] sources" since you have her on the air every half hour to reiterate the same "news" about the plane that landed in Dayton at 10:07pm last night. (Yes, I know, clearly she has people doing that groundwork -- I'm more just sort of annoyed at how much repetition there is when you watch for more than a few minutes at a time.)

Sarah Palin? I don't even know what to think about that possibility. I can say, however, that I am so tired of the narrative that disaffected Hillary Clinton voters will all defect to McCain -- and that the Clintons sekritly hate Obama and don't want him to win the Presidency. CNN had Stephanie Miller and Mark Simone on via satellite, and I'll grant Simone the distrust of sincerity of any Clinton saying "It's not about me," and I would not be at all surprised if Hillary Clinton runs for President again, but to say that Clinton wants Obama to lose so she can run in 2012? That attributes to her crueler ends-justify-means (not quite the right term, but the best I can come up with) mentality than even I tend to subscribe to.
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not how I'd really wanted to kick off my long weekend

How does my wallet get stolen from my desk when someone's sitting in the cube behind me?  I know I should be more careful (I leave my messenger bag sitting next to my desk at the entryway to my cubicle), especially since Katie's wallet went missing a few weeks ago and she suspects it got stolen here (she couldn't remember when last she had it, so it was possible she left it at a restaurant or something).  Sigh.

I registered for my extension school classes this morning and used my debit card for that.  I went to lunch (had my HUID and my CharlieCard in my pocket, as per usual, along with my cell phone).  I came back, read about Palin and watched some speeches on YouTube.  B emailed to say I should go go home early (he had originally said he was gonna send me something to take care of and then I could leave after that, but he wasn't yet finished and said he'd take care of it and I should just go home).  I went to get out my debit card to do a couple other things before I left and hi, no wallet.

I called BoA to cancel my debit and credit cards.  The last charge on my credit card was an ExxonMobil in Allston at 11:55am Central.  Yeah, not so much.

MaryAlice's wallet got stolen while we were at lunch, too -- and hers is in a drawer.

She call HBS Security right quick (which didn't even occur to me to do) and they called HUPD and we got to file police reports and they're gonna see if there's video surveillance at that Exxon.

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Plus there's like eighty dollars in cash (I just went to the bank a couple days ago).  Sigh.  I'm not really fussed about the monetary loss, more annoyed with all the hassle involved in getting everything canceled.  I also really don't like the feeling of not feeling okay about where I work.  I love where I work.


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