September 7th, 2008


woke up, it was a chelsea morning

I woke up at quarter to five this morning, went to the bathroom, and couldn't fall back asleep.  So I've been doing a lot of dozy naps throughout the day.

There were so many new people at CHPC this morning (mostly Tufts students, I imagine).  I felt like I should chat them up, but I never know what to say.  I did talk to Liz, one of the new seminary interns, and Matt, a junior at Tufts who's majoring in mechanical engineering and philosophy (and who talked about game theory from an Ethics class he took).

CWM was more normal, though it's such a small congregation that often everyone I would wanna talk to is otherwise occupied so I still get to do the awkward thing -- esp. when everyone's still setting up when I get there.  (Tiffany's back from sabbatical next week!  And Carolyn's bringing pseudo-wedding cake to celebrate Stephen finally being here.  In case anyone wanted an excuse to come visit my queer church.)

Lisa F. preached on Matthew 16:21-28.  She talked about how sometimes we think we're building things but actually what we're creating are stumbling blocks.  And I think the segue was in talking about how we can stay connected to that Stream of Living Water but anyway, she talked about the importance of self-care.

[gelatin-free yogurt] Swiss Premium Black Cherry = acceptable.  Which sounds more damning than I intend.  It's a little weirdly creamy, but otherwise nothing wrong with it.

My computer's been running wicked slow/delayed the past few days.  Possibly I need to suck it up and buy a new machine?  (My Dell desktop is 7 years old.)  I have 1.51GB of free space -- in part because it stopped recognizing my external hard drive after my move, so I have 1.43+GB of music accumulated on my desktop since then -- but I don't think that's really the issue (though yeah, I'm gonna defrag overnight tonight).


For my reference (tell me C-SPAN's gonna stream these -- though I suspect Marla's gonna be watching them, since she watched all the DNC and RNC, so I could probably hang at the Collective)...

Debate schedule (from this article -- supporting Ian's assertion that the Palin pick was a play for union men rather than moderate women)

Sept. 26: Presidential debate at University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss., with focus on domestic policy.

Oct. 2: Vice presidential debate at Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.

Oct. 7: Presidential debate in a town-hall format at Belmont University, Nashville, Tenn.

Oct. 15: Presidential debate at Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y., with focus on foreign policy.

Edit: Damn, I have class the night of the last two debates. (This says, "All four debates will begin at 9pm ET, and last for 90 minutes." Both my classes are 7:35-9:35. Oh, and CAUMC group -- which tends to run until about 10pm -- the night of the second debate.)