September 20th, 2008

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Rest and Bread ("Inspiration") [2008-09-17]

The Psalm was 139 -- only we stopped after the third stanza (read v. 1-18), so we didn't do the "O that you would kill the wicked, O God" :)

The Sacred Text was a Rumi poem -- "God picks up the reed flute world and blows"

Keith did the Reflection.  He said the listed Theme was "Imagination," but he hadn't realized that until he'd already written a reflection on "Inspiration" :)

He talked about a shift in perspective -- not rules, but "how to be my note."
And he talked about prayer as a way to grow in tune with God -- which common phrase has a nice resonance in the context of this metaphor.  [I was reminded of Layna recently saying, "I think that it's more like a lighting difference. Without God, I'm bathed in this icky greenish flickering fluorescent light. With God, it's a happy sunshiny full-spectrum. But the substance of myself remains the same. God just allows me to SEE myself differently."]


In the Announcements, Laura Ruth said that next week they're going to have both grape juice and wine -- though they're still figuring out the logistics of that.
    I asked Keith about this afterward.  I've been to at least one service that had both wine and juice as an option (I forget where, though) but I feel like generally the move (at least within Protestant churches) is removing wine rather than adding it -- though this is partly because I hang out with Methodists who very purposely use juice rather than wine due to sensitivity around alcoholism and historical involvement with the Temperance movement (Keith pointed out that Temperance/Prohibition isn't exactly something we should necessarily be honoring/celebrating, which is a fair point -- and certainly I've at times brought up stuff like Prohibition when arguing against stuff like the War on Drugs).
    Anyway, he talked about how lots of congregants grew up Catholic (something I always forget), and how it's something more out of the ordinary and thus more "sacred"-feeling -- and has a "kick" :)  Also, he hates Concord Grape Juice, says he always tries to get cranberry or something when he's the one purchasing the elements.  (He had bad experiences with juice boxes as a kid.)  I said I just have a jarring feeling whenever I drink grape juice -- not that it feels sacreligious, but it's just something that I basically only ever do at church.

Edit: Oh, and he also said wine is more authentic, and I half-joked, "So are we gonna use matzah, too? Though that depends on which account you use, whether the Last Supper was after the Passover or not."

catching up on a week's worth of posting

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Friday morning, Rob Marciano (the CNN weather guy) announced that it was Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Heh.  Yeah, he's kind of a dork.


Friday morning, Kathleen asked – apropos of nothing as far as I could tell, though I didn't ask – if I'd been promoted to Unit Coordinator.  I laughed – and said that in practical terms I suspected that was basically what my job was, though I don't actually know the details of the UC job description.

When FUH left, he asked me to check the dates for a couple upcoming meetings to reassure him that they weren't next week.  He said "I noticed you put them on my calendar, which was great."  I said, "That's why I'm awesome."  He said, "One of the many many reasons why you're awesome."  Aww!  :D


On the Red Line heading to South Station, this man and woman (in their twenties maybe?) sitting next to me were talking, and as we were crossing the Charles River he pointed and said that see those spires off in the distance, that's where he lives, right across the street from a church.
"Do you go to church?" she asked.
"I haven't in... seven years."
"So that would be a no."
"Yeah, but I'm thinking of going back.  I just don't know how I feel about that scene."
She mentioned the John Lennon line "God is a concept by which we measure our pain."
He said, "I prefer Karl Marx's 'Religion is the opiate of the masses.'"
I said, "While pithy, Marx's quote elides the role of religion in social justice, like the civil rights movement."
The guy (sitting next to me) turned and looked at me and said, "Whoa."
I said, "I'm sorry, I don't usually interrupt other people's conversations on the T."
The woman joked, "We're just that interesting."
I laughed and said, "Whenever people are talking about religion, I perk up."
We let the conversation drop there, which was fine, since we were all getting off soon (but at different stops) anyway.


First Singspiration of the 11th season. (JoeF said the first one was November of 1998.)  Collapse )

After we got home, my mom and I talked about United and stuff.  I talked about how recent experiences have taught me that the different parties in a single situation can come away with very different interpretations/understandings of that situation, and I hope I retain that lesson beyond these specific instances.


Saturday morning, my dad showed me the Sept. 18 Norwood Record (the newest local paper) so I could read about the new Director of the Library.  I ended up reading most of the issue and rolled my eyes at Valerie Saber's "Town & Country" column.

Nobody interesting was working at the library this Saturday, but I hung around my parents' house 'cause my Uncle Miles was gonna be stopping by and I hadn't seen him in I'm not sure how long (not living at home, I tended to miss his infrequent -- and often rather last-minute -- visits).  It was nice to spend time with him.  And I talked about work a lot -- and was reminded of how much I have failed to retain (not that he was being critical, but that I would try to talk about stuff and realize I had only a very surface understanding/familiarity -- which is actually good, because it pushes me to make more of an effort to learn and retain, because even if I didn't find a lot of this interesting I would like to be able to talk coherently about the department I work in and stuff).

Oh, we ordered Chinese food for dinner, and my fortune cookie said, "It's not the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours that count." [in bed]

On the Red Line home, I was sitting next to a man and a woman in their sixties I would guess.  The man was talking about how he had started reading The Iliad, and I didn't hear what he said after that but the the woman said, "He's Roman," and I almost said, "Do you mean the Iliad or The Aeneid?"  He kept talking, said something about the "carrying his father Anchises" bit in the play-within-a-play in Act 3 of Hamlet (which I don't recall at all).  He said something about his mother being Aphrodite, and at this point I turned and said, "Aphrodite?  His mother's a goddess, but it wasn't Aphrodite."  The woman (who was sitting on the other side of the guy) looked shocked and said, "Someone talking to someone on the T!  Are you from the Midwest or California?"  I laughed and said no, I grew up south of Boston, Massachusetts resident all my life.  She said usually the only time people will talk to you on the T is September when it's students from the Midwest and California who haven't been retrained yet.  I told her I appeared to be making a habit out of it actually, which pleased her.  [I Googled when I got home and, duh, it was Aeneas the guy was talking about, not Achilles.]

Also, apparently the guy has twice picked up this age-fifties-ish mild-mannered hitchhiker and taken him from Cambridge City Hall to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods (to redeem his cans and bottles).  I said, "Wow, I didn't know anyone picked up hitchhikers these days."

On my way home, I saw a sign for a yard sale today (Saturday) just a couple houses down from where I live.  Bummer.  Would be nice to get to know the neighbors a bit.


In conversation Friday evening, Ari and I affirmed that, Out in Wesport notwithstanding, National Coming Out Day is October 11.

She emailed me later:
Subject: do you celebrate this holiday?

It's apparently September 23. Who knew?

I recall going to a Celebrate Bisexuality event at Christopher's one year -- found it.  Heh, that's the entry that had Rana saying in comments, "You identify as queer? I haven't ever picked that up from you before."  Which is synchronicit-ous, because Ari and I were talking about advance planning for NCOD posting and I was thinking afterward about different kinds of Coming Out, specifically since I've "come out" as libertarian to various people recently and I always feel a little nervous/weird about that, and was specifically thinking about how mjules thought I was a Republican and how that reminded me of Rana not realizing I self-identified as queer.

Anyway, QueerAgenda doesn't seem to have anything -- though pulling up, it [the Bisexual Resource Center] apparently co-sponsored CineMental's "Bi's Night Out: Queer Bisexual Film Program" last Wednesday (which I had opted to skip, for a variety of reasons).  [Edited to add: Biversity Calendar]