September 21st, 2008


"What distinguishes you from a Rotary Club?"

In part of her sermon tonight, Tiffany invited us to think/talk about why we are here -- in this community [CWM].  I talked recently about how I really should think about what my answer to "So why do you do all this church?" is.

My flip answer to "Why CWM" is, "It meets at 5pm on Sundays, so it conveniently doesn't conflict with any of the other church I might do" -- though that's not entirely true.  Given that I will actually admit that CWM feels the most like "my church home," it seems incumbent upon me to actually think through why that is -- though it's also a good exercise (for a lot of reasons) to examine that question for all the places I church.

After service, Tiffany told me that CAUMC is having a visioning committee and they want a couple people from CWM to be on it and she thought I would be a fabulous choice because "You bridge communities well."  I laughed and said I didn't know about "well."  (Though her other question to us the congregation was, "What are you called to do?" and more and more recently I've been thinking that the answer to that seems to be: dialoguing between opposing factions, problematizing things and pointing out the other side, mediating between parties.)  The committee meets Tuesday nights, so I can't go, which I'm kind of glad of 'cause I have no idea what input I would have.  I'm touched that Tiffany thought of me, though.

Apropos of that and of the fact that I've been thinking off-and-on about the purpose of worship service since reading Mark Allan Powell's Loving Jesus, this evening I read "Monkey business" by L. Gregory Jones (Christian Century, September 09, 2008).


I added all my books (22 RED and 2 econ) to my LibraryThing (and finally changed my location on both LT and GR).  I geeked out on how many other LT members have my books.  Collapse )
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