September 25th, 2008

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on the bailout

Rep. Paul Kanjorski, (chair of the capital markets subcommittee of the House's Financial Services Committee) was on Squawk this morning [video link, summary piece (Politico)] and said the bailout bill was basically done (about 42-45 pages, most everything each side wanted is in there, there's broad agreement, if they work Saturday and Sunday they could have this bill ready for business on Monday) and said that the presence of the presidential candidates wasn't "disrupting" the process, but was slowing it down, said that they (the people writing the bill) know what they're doing, and that the candidates should go back and do what they're supposed to be doing.

So I laughed when I flipped over to CNN and Douglas Holtz-Eakin (McCain senior economic advisor) said that McCain was gonna go to Washington and help "jumpstart" the process.

[In blogreading today, edited to add this post from Daniel Drezner, dated yesterday.]

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moon house

"the clowns will take off their makeup and the people will go home"

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I am . . . skeptical of this ("While political conservatives tend to keep a tidy, organized office, political liberals favor colorful, more stylish but cluttered spaces."  Um.  I prefer a tidy, organized space.  I'm lazy &etc., so it's more cluttered.  (Does that mean I wish I were a conservative but I revert to being a liberal? /snark)  Also: how come stylish can't be tidy and organized?


At church group tonight, Meredith asked if I would be willing/interested in doing a session on Politics in Church.  (I'm scheduled to lead the next 2 weeks.)  She was prompted by something she'd read/seen recently about pastors endorsing candidates from the pulpit (Recently, Jeremy blogged about the question Should Clergy be able to endorse Politicians from the Pulpit?, and Ari and I were talking about it re: her church even more recently.) but obviously there are plenty of other aspects of it as well.  I'm stoked about this.

So y'all should show up next Thursday :)

Edit: Meredith gchatted me Friday morning:
this is the article I was thinking of last night:


The compliment brigade:
- mjules [when I was cheerleading her paperwriting]: You'd look cute in a cheerleader uniform. *grin*
- undeny [after I complimented her boobs in a photo]: Not as great as your boobs, I have to say.

There is a new announcement in news


Persistent style=mine for Paid Users

Many of you know that you can add the parameter ?style=mine to a journal URL in order to view that journal in your own journal's style. In the spirit of giving users more of what they've been asking for, we're giving our users with Paid Accounts a persistent style=mine option. If you want to override other journals' styles with your own all of the time, just turn on the "View all journals and communities in your own style" setting at the Viewing Options page. This will make it so every journal you view will always be shown in your own style. In addition, you can use the navigation strip at the top of most journals to quickly toggle between the journal's original style and your own style. Head over to paidmembers for more information on this new feature.
My initial reaction was, "Woot!  About damn time!"  Because how lame is it that I can tell LJ I want to view all entries in ?style=mine when navigating from my flist but it can't retain those preferences if I'm just browsing someone's LJ straight up (see also: clicking on "Respond to comment" in a notification email when conversing in someone else's LJ; or clicking on an entry through StalkerPin).

But I do like seeing people's actual layouts when I'm viewing their mainpage.  (And I ixnayed the navbar as soon as they implemented it, so the toggle option there doesn't help me. [Edit: Though if other people have the navbar enabled on their own journal, apparently I still see it -- she says, browsing various LJs; apparently I'd forgotten that. /edit])