September 28th, 2008


"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord." -Isaiah 55:8

"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home."

Yeah, that's about all I got.  I've never been a big movie watcher, and when I do watch movies they're usually contemporary ones, so I have literally never seen Paul Newman in anything.


Saturday night, My housemate had her boyfriend and a couple friends over and I watched them play a round of Chez Geek (I was unimpressed by the game) and then I headed out to Althea's birthday party.

At Althea's I picked up a bottle of Smuttynose beer (India Pale Ale).  I didn't like it much.  On Kim's suggestion, I mixed it with apple cider, which much improved it -- I could still taste the beer undertone, but it mostly tasted like apple cider.

Althea had rented a karaoke machine, and it mostly turned into group sing, which was lots of fun, though it didn't really lend itself to actually talking to anyone.

One of the people I did manage to talk to for a while was Megan (sp?) whom I'd met at the potluck.  Turns out she works at KSG.  She asked if I was interested in business (since I work at HBS).  I said I'm growing interested in it (though I later clarified that what I'm growing interested in is the negotiation, psychology, behavioral decision making, sort of stuff) but it's not something I would actually want to do as a job.  She said she feels similarly about some of the stuff her profs do (yeah, she does faculty support, too), like interfaith stuff is really interesting but she 'cause it's so political.  I said interfaith work is something that I actually could see myself doing and asked what kind of stuff her prof does.

It's beginning to feel like hints of Call -- though it may also just be sychronicity confirmation bias.

This morning was session #3 of the adult ed series on Shalom at CHPC, and, largely riffing off of some Gregory of Nyssa (hi, sk8eeyore), we talked about that tension of developing peace within yourself and working toward piece in the greater world/community.  I thus got to hit various of my favorite talking points (mostly in affirming what other people were saying).

At CWM tonight, Tiffany asked us to think about what makes this community (since the mission statement doesn't exactly capture who we really are as church), and Chelsea mentioned inclusion (which I figured was a given that like everyone was gonna say) and went on to say that given the type of people at CWM, it would be easy for us to speak negatively of people who disagree (she used the phrase "finger-pointing"), but we don't, and when we do, it gets discussed afterward like how we can do better.  This is not exactly my experience of CWM.  Though I recognize that part of that is my own baggage from First Churches Northampton, and it's rare that there are really overt explicit incidents.  And I'd been thinking earlier that one of the things that makes CWM feel like most like "my home church" of all the churches is how comfortable I've grown arguing with people.  (Appearances to the contrary, I do not actually get confrontational until I have some degree of comfort with the other party.)

Waling to morning church in the light rain, I noticed the colored leaves on the ground (and on the trees) for the first time this season.


Saturday: I slept for 12 hours (hallelujah!), did 80 pages of RED reading, hung out with housemate &co., and went to a birthday party (the first time I had left the house all day).

Sunday: I slept for 6 hours (I stayed at Althea's party until just about the very end), watched last Monday's HIMYM while eating breakfast before morning church, went to morning church + adult ed, did my remaining 50 pages of RED reading (not counting the one article that's on reserve at Gutman [edit: Technically it's on reserve at Andover, but there was an available copy of the book at Gutman, so I just photocopied the essay and went on my way. /edit], which I intend to obtain and read tomorrow), went to evening church + council.

Yeah, it's gonna be quite a semester.