October 7th, 2008


"Because in a better world, I wouldn't have."

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I registered for WriterCon (user54).

I went to use LAST Christmas' Amazon.com gift certificate from FUH to purchase SCC S1 and HIMYM S3 on DVD.  I was gonna buy Nice Jewish Girls: A Lesbian Anthology (ed. Evelyn Torton Beck), but it's all used copies, which I think I can't use a gift certificate toward.  Apparently there is also Nice Jewish Girls: Growing Up In America (ed. Marlene Adler Marks).  This led to me wandering through GR users' "bookshelves" [including: myth-religion-folklore, gay-homos, queerie-queer-queer, ones-i-keep-trying-to-finish, feministing, history-of-homosexuality -- and ones I haven't even gotten through yet, including academic-personal, gaygaygaygaygay, feminist--queer-and-sexxeee, la_raza] and totally editing various book descriptions (oh, auto-import from Amazon, combined with GR's limited html support).
    I often utilized people's reviews (even just the star ratings) to help me decide whether something was worth adding to to-read, and it makes me feel bad that I've reviewed so few of my "read" books.
    I like my tags "bookshelf" names a lot -- though I sometimes forget which tags I have (and the tagging system is always a work in progress).

I picked up a tube of Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm on a whim while in line at Target 'cause my lips were dry and I wasn't certain I even knew where any of my lip balm was at home (I almost never use any).  I put some on when I got home and wow, I didn't notice the part that said "with Vitamin E & Peppermint."