October 13th, 2008

rly boring wkd

On Saturday, I walked into the Sears at the CambridgeSide Galleria and they had a display of fake Christmas trees for sale. Whut? It was October 11!

I bought a pair of (black) pants that actually fits -- though the pockets are a lie (sigh). I totally blanked on checking for pockets for some reason. I'm not going to return them, 'cause pants that fit are rare enough, but it's still annoying. Also annoying: when those circular size markers on the the hangers don't actually match the tags on the actual clothes so you still have to look at each one individually.
I also got a bunch of knit tops. Yay for having more work shirts which I don't have to worry about the buttoning puckering.

On the bus ride home, I saw that Saint Peter's Episcopal St. James's Episcopal (between Porter and Davis) has 8am (and 10:30am) Sunday services. 'Cause I need more church in my life. I need to get to Pub Church at some point (which Tiffany mentioned last Sunday -- we were talking about how CWM has spread, and apparently a friend of CWM runs Pub Church -- and which I then saw in the QueerAgenda events listing).

This weekend I did a bunch of errands and housecleaning and a fair chunk of my extension school reading and so on, but I didn't actually feel like I'd been productive until Jonah and I put some of my furniture together today. (Putting together the shelving cart from Target, Jonah said something about Tim Gunn and I said, "This is not a fierce table.")

Sunday I kept feeling like I was going to work the next day ('cause that's usually how Sundays are). Monday I kept feeling like I was going to church the next day ('cause it felt like a Saturday). But no, I really am going to work tomorrow. Why am I still up?