October 14th, 2008

"Is the school even officially open today?"

I bumped into one of the profs I used to work for on my way in this morning.  He said, "The gym might not be open today."  I was like, "If that's true, I could have slept in an extra hour.  Grr!"  But it was indeed open.  Woot!

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I bumped into Kate (one of the new RAs -- not to be confused with Katie) on my way to Spangler.  She commented on the lanterns and I was like, "What?" and then I looked around.  Way to decorate, HBS.  They look nice -- all seasonal and everything; pumpkin and squash and stuff at the base of these nice curved lantern holders, with thick white candles in them.  I hope they stick around.  (When I left work at the end of the day today, they looked to be already taking down the big tent -- since the Centennial weekend extravaganza was over.)


Econ class tonight we had a quiz.  Everyone was sitting (or standing) out in the hallway before class.  I felt like I was back in college.

I'm an auditor, so I sat in the back of the room and blew threw about half of Ahead of the Curve.

Then we watched a one hour video -- Surviving the Bottom Line (Chapter 1: "Running With the Bulls").  Collapse )