October 17th, 2008


"I am practicing my purpose once again"

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Rest and Bread this Wednesday, I was introduced to Andrea, and as usual had to explain about how I go to umpteen churches (3 worship services per week, plus at least one discussion group session each week).
I was saying to Keith that I feel like I should go to a temple or a mosque, but that I feel like I would be more obviously/explicitly an interloper there doing like an ethnographic study -- that in my Protestant churches I'm taking notes and am often more academically than worshipfully engaged, but at least I feel like they are "my" churches, I mean, I am Protestant, so I do belong there to some extent. (I have been to Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Anglican/Episcopalian services -- but somehow those still felt close enough to "mine" that I felt like I had some right to be checking them out.)

"demented and sad but social"

This morning at the gym I was chatting with Joy -- about baseball and Seven Sisters and stuff. I said we should have coffee sometime and she said yeah and took my email address. Everyone is so frakking busy (myself included). Lizzy from RED class and I are gonna have coffee at Crema Cafe this coming Tuesday, and Laurel and I agreed that we should hang out and talk religion sometime. Katie and I agree we should hang out more. I got a Starbucks card with $5 on it (promo giveaway outside the T Wednesday evening), which means I can try out the salted caramel hot chocolate Megan recommended.

Though I haven't been entirely unsocial. I mean, Katie and I did dinner+Target Tuesday of last week. [Sidebar: Housemate says Linens 'n' Things has gone bankrupt and is liquidating.] I phoned with Cat this evening, and tomorrow after volunteering at the CHPC flea market I'll be heading to JP to hang out with Laura Ruth and other UCC Somerville folk. And next weekend I'll be in Norwood.

muskratjamboree update: jadelennox and fox1013 have expressed interest in persuading me to go, and marginaliana has decided to try to go, which may may tip me into the Yes column. Registration opens Sat. Oct. 25, so I have a little time yet to make up my mind -- though then the next question would be rooming since even though it's local I should probably live at the con for maximum value (edit: apparently you can't book rooms until January, so that gives me a significant amount of time). My big issue is that my entire exposure to the Canadian Actor Mafia is Ellen Page in X-Men 3/Juno/The Tracey Fragments and a few RPS fics -- oh, and like two and a half episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Though I swear I do actually want to watch Wilby Wonderful and Hard Candy.

Also, note to self: Writercon 2009 tickets go on sale at noon EST on Oct. 30.

I keep forgetting to do final confirming steps for booking flights, but the first weekend in January I'll be in San Francisco. I'm planning to see sk8eeyore&drinkeroftea. Anyone else?
hipster me

"you can call it magic when a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat"


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I was sitting on one of the table benches in Davis Square before church group and heard a guy calling out asking if anyone had left a phone -- holding up what looked like a Blackbery or something. (What's the generic term for those handheld devices? Edit: Wiki just calls it a "wireless handheld device." Apparently PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant? I'm always thrown when I hear that acronym in that context 'cause my immediate thought is, "Public Displays of Affection.") The phone rang and he answered it, and apparently (I surmised from listening to one half of the conversation) it was the owner of the phone. The guy explained, "I was sitting here waiting for my lovely wife when I saw this phone next to me..." He literally said "OMG" -- like, "Oh em gee." Heart!


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I went to CHPC to help Katherine go through books before tomorrow's fundraiser flea market.

It was the opening reception for the the current exhibit at the nave gallery, so I checked that out first. And was crankypants. The reception food did not include chocolate (unlike the last one), and I didn't like any of the art (exhibit: kitchen stories. Undomesticated Interiors was so much better -- though yes I know they weren't trying to do the same things.), and twice people were standing in front of art pieces in my way (one time I put my hand on a guy's back -- a la bartending -- and he totally ignored me).

Katherine and I went through the books pretty quickly. They were mostly from the 1950s or so. My favorite was a 5-chapter book entitled He Is Lord of All. I was like, "AWESOME. The very title of this is offensive on multiple levels to everyone at this church except for me." I skimmed the jacket flap and wasn't particularly interested, so it went in the flea market box. I was singing "and crown Him Lord of all" in my head for the rest of the evening.

I took a few books that looked interesting:
* A Protestant Manifesto (Winfred E. Garrison, MCMLII)
* Primer for Protestants (James Hastings Nichols, 1951)
* The Christianity of Main Street (Theodore O. Wedel, 1955)


Amy says, "My new thing is If I Died Suddenly And Unexpectedly What Would People Who Find My Corpse In The Street Think About Me Upon Examining the Contents of My Bag?" So of course I had to list out the contents of my purse. Collapse )