October 22nd, 2008

i fight fire with words

I am such a libertarian.

Page 5 of today's metro was "Lawful prostitution? San Fran considers it." It's an AP article -- though the metro stops after, "Some form of prostitution is already legal in two states. Brothels are allowed in rural counties in Nevada. And Rhode Island permits the sale of sex behind closed doors between consulting adults, but it prohibits street prostitution and brothels." I did not know that about Rhode Island :)


Mark Puelo's column informed me:
If passed, Question Two would be stricter than current law by requiring those under the age of 18 who are caught to enroll in a mandatory drug prevention program and perform up to ten hours of community service. Besides paying the same $100 citation as adults, minors could also face up to $2,000 in fines should they fail to complete the substance abuse prevention training, and their parents held liable if they don't pay.
Blah. I was all stoked to vote Yes on Question 2. I hadn't realized it makes the law even stricter re: youth.

It's probably still an improvement on the whole. Opening paragraph: "On Election Day, voters in Massachusetts have the opportunity to remove the criminal penalties associated with possessing one ounce or less of marijuana. In place of possible arrest and jail time, Referendum Question Two creates a system of civil penalties for adults with a fine of $100 and the immediate loss of the contraband substance."


Speaking of Massachusetts ballot questions... I need to decide how to vote on Question 3 (greyhound racing).

Amusing thing about Question 1 (income tax): Jen after RED last week said she's from NH (no sales tax, no income tax), and she would vote against adding it in NH but also against taking it away in MA.

Edit: via davis_square: "http://www.imagineelection.com/ If you fill out your address in the top left corner, the site will show you what your ballot will look like November 4." Commenters point out that it's not entirely accurate (and point out the more complete WhereDoIVoteMA.com for Massachusetts residents). Apparently I have 6 party choices for President. I feel like I should actually look into these -- since Massachusetts is going to go blue regardless. (I really hate the electoral college system, but on a personal level I am comforted that my vote for President doesn't count, because that significantly reduces my stress level.)
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I was hoping to get on Y!M and actually chat with mjules today, but again I was busy. I'm not sure I could even tell you what I did all day. My biggest chunk of downtime involved reading B's Al Dunlap case (and teaching note) as I'd been meaning to since econ class last week.

Today, B was asking me if I'd be interested in helping out with writing stuff, and I said yeah and mentioned how Alyssa and I had helped edit Max and Deepak's book. He said I must be really familiar with that book then. I said yeah and told the story of being in young adult church group discussion and finding myself using the phrase "parasitic value creation."

He said I'm really good at my job, that he would love to keep me for the next 30 years, that my organization is great and that it's appreciated not just by him but by the whole Unit. I'm sure this is true, but I thought, "Does anyone actually make a point of explicitly telling you that?" -- though Ian has thanked me and Katie for our help with Recruiting in multiple mass emails.

Trying to find dates/times to get anything scheduled with faculty takes forever, but apparently we FAs are ridiculously indecisive about picking things like, oh, a restaurant to eat at. Flist wanna decide my vote for me? The links go to the official websites, but feel free to check out Yelp or whatever. (Department is footing the bill, so normal concerns about price don't so much apply.)

Poll #1283679 work-sponsored dinner

Where should we go to dinner?



Rest and Bread ("Community")

Psalm 122

Sacred Text: Romans 12 (v. 8-12). I was struck even more so than I was when it was a Scripture reading in church recently by how bad the parallelism is.

Keith did the Reflection. He opened by talking about "community as context for vocation," though the bulk of the reflection ended up being about community sort of more generally. He did end by saying, "as we have received, so let us go and give."