November 3rd, 2008

hipster me

"Tomorrow we'll discover..."

Change and freedom are both excellent rewards for voting, but so is free ice cream.

Also: sex toys.

My state's gonna go blue as far as the Presidential election, so I want to vote 3rd party (that seems so weird to say given that I have 6 parties to choose from), but I'm really not excited about any of them.

I read stuff criticizing Obama, and part of me is really easily swayed.  In part because I really enjoy being contrarian (and I'm surrounded by left of center folk in just about all my spheres), but there's also the fact that I'm so hesitant to commit myself to actually being pro-anything because I'm always so conscious of the (potential) criticisms.  So I'm in my comfort zone when I'm criticizing (or not involved).  I'm some sort of lazy maximizer [Google: maximizer vs. satisficer].

But then I read stuff like [David Post, November 2, 2008 at 10:38am] Why I'll Be Voting for Obama and I feel like, "Yes!" and part of me really does want to be excited about Obama for President.

Andy Bryan (Enter the Rainbow) attended an Obama rally and wrote:
Two moments of the rally were most profound for me.  [...] The second moment was when he was contrasting one of his positions with McCain's position, and the crowd started booing. He kind of cut us off, saying, "You don't need to boo, just go vote." I had read about him saying that before, but to experience it made an impact on me. The crowd did not boo any more after that. By way of comparison and for what it's worth, Governor Palin did not stop the crowd at her rally from booing.
This struck me particularly because on CNN AM I'd seen clips from a McCain rally, and hearing the crowd boo in response to criticisms of Obama really bothered me -- not because it brought to mind accusations of hateful/violent things said by attendees at McCain-Palin rallies, but just because I don't like that emphasis on attacking the opposition (I complained about this during the RNC); and yes I know this sounds dissonant with my critique-stance, but I feel like there's a legitimate difference between "booing" and, y'know, actual critiquing.

liz_marcs linked to this macro from PunditKitchen, which I enjoyed.

from my housemate's flist: Les Misbarack ("One Day More") [YouTube]

the earth is a hard place to imagine
if you start from scratch
-from "Black Straw" by Don Domanski
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It's funny, when I'm feeling so tired/unfocused/motivated... I forget that Getting Shit Done really does help me feel better.  (Though I do think I needed the weekend to take a break from work and get some rest.  And I am rly looking forward to going to bed tonight.)

CallunaV recently said:
I suspect it's different for everyone, and my issues =/= your issues and so forth, but I feel like most of us are not so incredibly short-sighted and self-indulgent that we would squander our work time just for the hell of it. It's because we hate the work, or we hate the person we're working for, or we're afraid we can't do it, or we're afraid that doing it will make us feel horrible, or we don't want to face what comes next when it's done, or we're angry that we have to do it in the first place...things that aren't reasonable, so we don't admit them to ourselves a lot of the time, which makes everything more frustrating: why am I playing this solitaire game I don't even like instead of doing what I need to do when A: I know I need to do it, B: I don't actually dislike it, and C: I know I'll feel good when I'm done? Why? Why?
It was really useful to me to have that articulated like that -- because, yeah, there are real reasons I get avoidy, even when I know I'm being irrational.

wtg, DST, it was srsly dark out when I left work.  I kinda like it, though.  Walking across the river with all the lights -- it's... "romantic" has connotations I don't intend, but it makes me think of being downtown or something in winter with all the positive connotations of the Christmas season (stuff like Handel's Messiah).


I never did get to finishing last week's update post.

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