November 13th, 2008

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Apparently that moment when your boss asks you to do something and you hand it to them already done?  Is a Radar moment.  (As in, from M*A*S*H.)  So says my mother.

Tania's doing a love-in.  (I'm here.)  She made me all glowy.

She ended another post saying, "I'd love to hear how other people had careers shaped by fate. Where have you ended up? Is it where you thought you'd go in life?"  While I can look back and see how who and where I am is consistent with who and where I was, definitely some parts of my current life were unexpected, but I think I never had strong visions of where I planned to end up, which makes it much easier to just roll with developments.


I'm not going to the anti-Prop.8 rally in Boston on Saturday [].  Rallies aren't really my thing, and protesting the results of majority votes feels weird to me (yes, I know, voting on the rights of a minority is problematic).  I was trying to articulate to Sean tonight (he and I were the only ones at small group, so we opted to just continue our dinner conversation) and what basically came out was that it felt to me like people were protesting the people who had voted the way they didn't like, and in trying to articulate this I realized better that no, really what they're protesting is the heteronormative paradigmatic structure and whatever ... so yay for that better understanding.  And we had lots of good conversation about a variety of topics, so yay for that generally.

I've been lax (especially considering I'm on the committee!) in publicizing Jules' project lovewideopen.
We know it can be difficult when a family member, especially a son or a daughter, comes out. A lot of what society has to say about the GLBT community is unflattering and sometimes downright hostile. It's also usually untrue, and thousands of people are suffering because of the misinformation that feeds anti-gay attitudes.

You now have the chance to contribute to an artistic collaboration that hopes to help people, especially parents, realize that being gay isn't the end of the world for their loved one. In fact, with their help, it can be just another healthy part of what makes that person unique and beautiful. Love, Wide Open is a not-for-profit artistic anthology that seeks to help the parents of GLBT teens cope with their child coming out to them. All proceeds will be directed to PFLAG ( to help them continue the work they are already doing in this field.
And via friendsfriends somewhere: comics_come_out -- "a web-comic anthology discussing LGBT issues, reactions to Prop 8, personal stories, basically what this means to all of us. I want to find a way to turn a negative into something positive and active and working towards change."


Some people have commented on how accurate their ColorGenics result was, so I checked it out.

How the eff do I pick which color I "feel most in harmony with"?  Especially 8 in descending order.  I admit I didn't think too long and hard in the picking, but isn't the partly the point?  That you intuit it rather than overthinking?

I didn't find it terribly accurate, and then did it again just now (the first time was this afternoon at work) and still wasn't impressed.

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