November 15th, 2008

professional me, self

"better things are on their way"

Last night I suspected I gave myself a headache eating too many cookies after dinner, and by the time I went to bed my stomach was feeling awful -- not like I wanted to throw up, just awful.  I felt better in the morning, though I still had a slow start to the morning and considered not going to the gym.  I actually ended up doing most of my usual weight room routine (~25min).  Back at the office, Bill S. commented to me something along the lines of my being really dedicated (he sees me at the gym a lot).


I did two expense reports this morning, promptly, which yay, since recently I seem to be disinclined to do any "work" except filing Recruiting applications.  (P.S. Our faculty CRACK ME UP.)

And I remembered to sign up for Secret Slasha.  [Signups open until Nov. 25]

HIGHLIGHT of the day: Being introduced to a faculty member's s.o. as "another one of our overqualified faculty assistants."


I got a postcard from the Red Cross, indicating where I had agreed to give blood in Medford on Mon. Nov. 24.  Temple Shalom, 475 Winthrop St.  GoogleMaps tells me this is 2.4mi from Davis Square and estimates I could walk it in 49min.  For comparison, it says I live 1.3mi, 26min, from Davis Square, which seems about right to me.

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Laurel came over tonight to hang out.  She played with/petted the cat, and I petted her.  It worked out well.  I also learned that my housemate (outreach therapist) has a pocket-sized copy of the DSM-IV :)  Near the end of her (<5hr!) stay, Laurel asked, "Is there a restroom I could use?"  We cracked up.  I was like, "Sweetie, this isn't a public building where there might not be toilets; people live here."

In other news, housemate said that if I ever want a ride to Northampton some weekend that she's going out to see her boyfriend...  I really should take this under consideration since I haven't seen Emma -- or Stacey -- since what, Graduation/Reunion 2007?