December 12th, 2008


State of Emergency?

Walking up and down College Ave. last night between 6 and 7pm, it was raining increasingly heavily but not enough for me to take my umbrella out of my purse (I'm weird). I accepted a ride home after group, in part because I wanted to just put my laundry in the dryer and go to bed (though it turned out that my housemate had done laundry while I was at group, so I had to wait for the drier when I got home -- hence my still being up at close to midnight) and also because it was raining significantly and I decided I'd gotten wet enough that evening.

This morning it was still raining significantly, and there were lots of puddles, but it didn't feel excessive. I was actually surprised to find myself being able to wring out the cuffs of my hoodie waiting at street crossings -- and when I got to the gym I realized I'd forgotten how non-waterproof my backpack is (I'm overnighting at Norwood tonight, hence an overnight bag), which was a bit unfortunate.

There was almost no one at the gym, and I figured it was just people being lazy on a rainy Friday near the end of the semester. And then Channel 5 was talking about how the governor had declared a State of Emergency and people should not go outside. (I think this was for north and west of the city where there's ice, and debris -- but it was still weird to hear.) They also said that Soldiers Field Rd. at Western Ave. was shut down, which felt a little surreal.

When I left the gym around 9am the rain had basically totally stopped (as this morning's hour-by-hour had predicted).