December 19th, 2008

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[Thursday] good day

This morning started out well, and the day actually continued so.

Greg was handing out containers of chocolate as thank yous.  (And my box was a pine tree one rather than a Santa one.  Win!)  I said, "Can I walk around my desk and hug you?" and of course he said yes.  [Bonus: I opened it up later and they're Lindt Lindor chocolates -- edit: and Hershey's Nuggets.]

I sent out the final round of interview confirmation emails today (with the specific room information and etc.).
One candidate replied: "Thank you very much for your efficient scheduling of the interviews."
I emailed Ian, "Is it bad that "efficient" is one of my favorite compliments to get (in a work context)?"

I ordered something I'd been meaning to order for a while and ended up ordering a whole bunch of bunus stuff.  Hopefully it'll turn out to be worth it.

Cate and I had lunch today, which was nice as always.  She's taking a grant-writing class next semester and I was like, "Where offers that?" and she said Harvard Extension School -- which I figured had to be where she was taking it, but I asked what department that could possibly be under.  "Communications."  I have not-quite-sworn that I'm not taking any extension school classes next semester, but I do want to keep that in mind.  It's not so much a relevant job skill at my particular place of employ (and I have no plans to leave my current place of employ), but it does feel like something I should think about as a useful skill.

I came back to a note on my desk chair from Prof.B. saying, "Let's discuss."  I was like, "Am I in trouble?"  No, he had made a photocopy of the thing he wanted me to work on ... and left it on the copier, despite having already left a note on my desk chair.

Walking to Harvard Square from work, I chatted with Emily-in-Strategy and Sofie (sp?) who was actually in one of my first trainings when I started here, quit, and is now back as a temp while someone's out on medical leave.  (And on the T I chatted with Paul-from-IT.)

At Harvard Station, the Boy Scouts had free samples of homemade chocolate fudge (dark and milk).  It was tasty and so I bought some even though my mommy makes awesome homemade fudge and the Boy Scouts have a dodgy policy on gays (I considered asking the guy at the table about that, but decided against it).

I then couldn't find my CharlieCard+ID, so I bought a ticket, but after I got out at Davis I found them in my hoodie pocket -- I must have just shoved them into my hoodie pocket when I got sidetracked by fudge.

I went to the UCC's Advent Outreach, partly just 'cause I like the people, but also because I didn't go to Rest and Bread last night and I wanted to see Laura Ruth.  She said they'd missed me and that it felt so weird to have a Rest and Bread service without me.  *heart*  They were handing out stars (metal ornaments) and so now I have a nice green star (in the light it had seemed purple, but it's still pretty).

I hadn't realized that they were predicting a snowstorm like unto last year's until the Dean's office called this morning to reschedule B's meeting previously scheduled for tomorrow.  Susan was like, "Because of the ice..." and then B called me shortly thereafter to ask me to reschedule that and his other Friday afternoon appointment.  I was telling Laura Ruth (briefly and vaguely) about last year's snowstorm and getting sent home and that I didn't get to have a snowball fight and she asked  if I would get to have one this year, and I said no, saying "There's a long and complicated history around that" -- with the intended implication of, "Which I won't tell you right now, especially because I already said that I owe my best friend a phone call and so I should be heading out," but she jumped in with "Which I probably don't want to hear," and I said, "They passed you in your pastoral care classes and let you become a minister?"  I explained that I actually hadn't intended to tell her the long and complicated story at that moment and that I wasn't upset.  (It was weird to me, though, because she's usually so warm and open and welcoming and "tell me about you" with everyone.)

Talking to Jess at CAUMC tonight, apparently I have turned into one of those people who has actual conversations with people about their gym routine.

I've been accepting rides home from CAUMC for weeks now, and I don't like that being that person.  It gets me home in half the time, but I still futz around and get to bed later than I should, and I like the extra time with people but I also like being a person who walks home most of the time.  Before this, I had literally accepted a ride home once -- in really bad ice.

When I got home, I saw a box on the porch.  I thought all my housemate's Christmas gifts had come already, and then I saw it was addressed to me and had the fleeting thought of, "There's no way the order I placed today arrived today, even with same-day shipping," and then I saw it was from Sees Candies Inc. and I realized it must have been the gift Laurel mentioned.  [My immediate thought after that -- which entry I cannot now find to link to ... I really need to finish backtagging stuff, esp. now that so much stuff is retroactively locked -- was of Ian buying me some as a thank you for all my help the year we hired him. Edit: With cross-referencing research, I found it; I was conflating it with entries like this and thinking I had blockquoted a note, so I didn't initially register it visually when I was scanning entries.]
Elizabeth, thank you for helping Lauren move Sat. Happy Holidays and New Year!
The box was misleadingly large (had lots of packing peanuts) but still contained a 2lb box of See's Candies and an 8oz box of See's Candies Truffles.


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I already know a lot of folks whose jobs allow it are working from home today.

Sent: Fri 12/19/2008 10:45 AM

Subject: Severe weather and HBS closing

To: HBS Staff and Faculty

From: Jay Light

In a few minutes, you will receive an email from central administration at Harvard with the University's recommendation that all non-essential personnel depart by noon given the current forecast for severe weather.

Today, the Business School will recommend the same guidelines for HBS staff and faculty:

* Non-essential (or non-emergency) staff should leave by NOON today.
* Individuals with commuter challenges should consider an earlier departure.

We wanted to note, however, that there may in the future be situations where the University, or parts of the University, close, but HBS will need to remain open and/or ask essential personnel to continue working. While fully aware of the need to ensure the safety of all members of the community, we also must be mindful of factors – including the residential nature of our campus, and executive education programs that often begin on the weekend – that would necessitate staffing in parts of the School. Thus we would ask that you look to your departments heads for guidance confirming whether and when HBS closures are in effect.

Enjoy the weekend.
It occurs to me that if everyone's sent home at noon, that means no cafeteria, so no lunch, and I'm already hungry. I am suddenly strongly motivated to actually go home early. (It also means I can pick up milk, etc. before it's actually blizzarding.)

[And the OSS party has been postponed to Monday or Tuesday; they'll be in touch.]
warm heart cold hands

"Many roads led here..."

I went out on the porch and down the stairs onto the sidewalk because I hadn't actually been out in the snow yet this storm.  It's tiny flakes, so it's not the most satisfying feeling.  It was windy and cold, but I kind of wanted to go for a walk (I was thinking nostalgically of trekking home last year -- yes, I am weird), but that would require changing from sneakers to boots, and I didn't have any destination, and it probably wouldn't have been the safest thing ever.  Sigh.
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"Deliver us unto each other, I pray"

[Listing all these positive things yesterday, I felt like phin doing the 8 happy things each day for 8 days meme -- yes I know most people's version of that meme is 1 happy per day.]

This morning I had Best-Hire-in-law joy.  Leaving the house, looking off to the east, there was a lovely sunrise (though it was ~20min before the "official" sunrise of 7:10am).
I don't actually know much of "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" by heart, so I was singing Doxologies -- and it occurred to me that in Loving Jesus, Mark Allan Powell talks about the four different kinds of prayer [p. 160-161] and we (Karl and CHPC-Mike and I) talked about how that worshipful adoration thing is something we don't do a lot of.

There was almost no traffic -- which is very unusual.  The gym tvs had live video of the MassPike -- busiest road they could find and still not looking like "rush hour."  Everyone seemed very committed to avoiding a redux of last year.

Joy's back from Iceland!  We caught up some, and I said we should grab coffee sometime, and she actually g-drafted an email to me :)
So I was like 10 minutes late getting in to the office.  On my desk were: A Living Tree from Kathleen (note: "Thanks for all you do"), some chocolates from Kate, and some cookies from Sara.

Laura Ruth asked me last night if I was on the email list (in the context of discussing the impending storm and possible cancelations) and I said no but I probably should be, so I emailed her this morning to remind her to add me and yay she did and so I am.

(Despite what I said yesterday about getting rides home from CAUMC, I took the bus home from Davis today -- because I'd gotten groceries at Shaw's and my purse and gym bag kept falling off my non-existent shoulders or whatever and it was really awkward and uncomfortable.  I need to get a messenger bag system back.  I read more of Diana Butler Bass' Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith, though, so that was good.)

I always forget that Secret Slasha doesn't have a word count minimum.  Which is dangerous in its own way.

Accomplished today: picked up groceries, made pasta for dinner, did a load of dishes, did a small load of laundry (I was concerned I wouldn't have any time the next few days, and I need clean gym clothes for Monday), finished and submitted really lame Secret Slasha fic.

Things I am looking forward to tomorrow:
+ Sleeping in!
+ Lunch with Terry (though I'm like holding my breath thinking the weather will interfere or something).
+ The Back Bay Chorale's "An 18th-Century Christmas."


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