December 24th, 2008

moon house

huh, I'm officially on vacation

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Oops, I forgot to tell catering we'd want coffee delivery.  Though I don't think I saw anyone on the floor except maybe BillS. (and at least one doctoral? student), so possibly that was the right call after all.

I'd put in for 3.5hrs 'cause they said it was a half day and I work 7 hours (9-5, unpaid lunch), but I bailed at noon.

Besides going to the gym, I:
+ signed for useless package deliveries
+ mailed out a payment (didn't have the address yesterday)
+ signed and returned BEOs (which I could have done yesterday)
+ updated the flash drive files [only thing new today was confirming that one unspecified phone number was in fact a cell phone number] and brought it home
+ got an expense report kicked back and did the appropriate work on moving it back along
+ generated an expense report I'd forgotten to do the other day

Things I did but did not need to be at work to have done:
+ mailed my credit card payment
+ put my sidebar blogs and lots of other ones into a GoogleReader

Other stuff I did:
+ remembered to ask my housemate to show me the magic lever in the basement in case the furnace cuts out while she's away
+ got my hair cut.  I am not convinced that $32 (without blowdry -- I splurged and got the blow-dry... tho, hai, expensive!) is "dirt cheap" (when we walked to Andrea's car after Kerrie and Gloria's party, we passed a place on Mass. Ave. that said "$12 haircuts" -- though possibly that was just men's haircuts?) but the place has a nice atmosphere, and they have these handheld electric massager things they use on your shoulders and upper back after they're done.  The hairdresser said my hair's a lovely chocolatey shade; I tend to think it's a very boring blah dark brown, so that was nice.
+ did dishes and two loads of laundry (one clothes, one sheets)
+ wrapped gifts [well, one was big and so got mailed to Norwood, so I'll wrap it when I'm there tonight]
+ put out the trash in case I stay in Norwood overnight on Thursday [will do before I leave tonight]

I was planning scheduling after I went to bed last night, and it occurred to me that as great as this long vacation is, I have rather less time than I'd been thinking I had.

Wed. Dec. 24: half-day at work ... wrap gifts, pack, etc. ... 10pm Christmas Eve service at UCN
Thurs. Dec. 25: Christmas Day
Fri. Dec. 26: --
Sat. Dec. 27: lunch with Jonah
Sun. Dec. 28: church
Mon. Dec. 29: --
Tues. Dec. 30: --
Wed. Dec. 31: Rest & Bread (so I can do stuff during the day, but I need to be in Davis Square by about 5:45pm)
Thurs. Jan. 1: holiday (which precludes certain types of plans)
Fri. Jan. 2: fly to SF

Speaking of, must-see/must-do in SF?  Apparently Sarah and Kevin are staying in Pittsburgh through Jan. 6, so I am particularly free.  (My flight gets in Fri. Jan. 2 about 3pm and departs about 1:30 on Mon. Jan. 5.)
light in the darkness

Christmas Eve (10/9c)

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up."
--Anne Lamott

I hope everyone has a good Thursday tomorrow, whatever your plans/situation.

Christmas Eve service at UCN

There seemed to be remarkably few people for a Christmas Eve. My brother said it was about as many as there were on Sunday and I said, "But it's Christmas Eve."

The order of worship included "Mary, Did You Know?" and I was like, "Someone sang that at one of my churches recently." My mom said something about how Bev did it recently and then Angie did it at Singspiration; I was like, "Oh yeah, that's what I was thinking of. All this church blurs sometimes. I think I had the UCC in my head 'cause I've been listening to the Strings of Glory CD."

My brother said it was part of the program last Christmas Eve and I didn't think so. He said, "I've been to two church services in the last year, so unless it was Easter..." (I pointed out that he went to Crystal Cathedral with me in California, so that's three.) I think I've been to 5 church services between Singspiration and tonight. (And my brother's the conservative born-again.)

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