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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, December 28th, 2008

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Dear pirateygoodness,

This morning I dreamt some 1920s gangster AU involving a wee Vanessa Hudgens.  I blame you.

Ugh, lack of directive worship makes my soul cry.
Ari said of her church experience this morning, "I decided that church with [redacted]  is a great opportunity to practice the virtue of charity."
I think, in the spirit of Laura Ruth's "you do what you need to do," I will not be returning to First Church in January -- for Sunday morning services, I mean.

It was unseasonably warm, and I was displeased.

But after morning church I got groceries, and put in my "Strings of Glory" Cup of Love CD and responded to this morning's Laurel email which I wasn't able to respond to before church because I was responding to Someone Else's email, and I had Ari email, and I read more Yuletide (and, via del.icio.us, Iron Man fic).

CWM was meh, but fellowship dinner afterward felt fairly comfortable, which was nice.

I should actually compose feedback for the fics I've read today, but I'm distracted by the fact that one of the comments on the above-linked Iron Man fic has a Pepper Potts icon that says "indispensable," which is totally awesome and perfect except that it's this bright chipper Pepper and I want a more badass "I pwn your life" image.  I don't really know where one would find appropriate caps/icons.  Hmm, musesfool's pretty Tony/Pepper icon is made by ancarett, who conveniently has an "icons" tag.  *pokes*  *sighs*

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