January 10th, 2009


[ASP] "The Duchess of Malfi" (John Webster) [2008-01-10]

Opening Weekend (January 8 - February 1) of John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi at ASP.

Some months ago, Cate's coworker Kate was talking about something and said, "When's the last time anyone did a production of The Duchess of Malfi?"  To which Cate replied, "Well..."

It's ASP's first non-Shakespeare production, and I hope they make a habit of having one non-Shakespeare show each season, 'cause no one does Jonson or Marlowe or any of that ... plus it allows them to go more seasons before they have to start repeating Shakespeare plays.

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I went to bed at like 7:35 last night and didn't really wake up until like 6am this morning (when there was a cat at the foot of my bed).  I'd thought about going to Temple Shalom (which timing would have required getting up by about 8), but I ended up staying in bed and sleeping off and on until almost 9am.

I picked up groceries... and otherwise basically failed to be productive.

Anyone have recommendations for a feedreader?  I started using Google, and my first annoyance was that it has me read each subscription individually; that's what I have a list of bloglinks on my LJ sidebar for -- I thought a feedreader would aggregate a la lj flist.  My latest annoyance with it is that I don't actually know how to delete posts.  (And I think I would like my Starred Items to show up in the order they were posted, not in the order I starred them -- especially since, duh, I'm starring from blogs in clusters because I'm only reading one blog at a time -- though I'm willing to concede maybe that's not the majority preference.)

Cate and her coworker Kate and I had dinner at Namaskar tonight before going to Duchess of Malfi.  I got the Dal Makhani ("Our own house specialty, a black lentil dish, cooked with delicacy").  Kate got the Navrattan Korma ("Mixed garden fresh vegetables cooked with herbs, nuts and spices in a mild gravy") and she offered to share, so I had a bit, and it was really good; I need to remember to order that next time.  We stopped by Jason's store afterward to hand off Cate's leftovers, and it's always a pleasure to see him.

[obligatory snow report] When we left the show after 10, it had begun to snow, definite layer covering the ground, though falling fairly calmly so there were still bare asphalt patches.