January 24th, 2009

hipster me

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Meh.  Don't want to process, just want to talk to the people in question, but that's not feasible.  I disapprove.

I find it interesting that my reaction to having "compassion fatigue" is to want to hear about more people's lives rather than to want to talk about my own -- though I suppose it makes sense since I don't want to rehash the "Well, what's going on in my life is being concerned about various beloveds," and it's not like I'm specifically seeking out more stuff to worry about (which is not to say that you shouldn't talk to me if you're going through a rough time).

Actually, it occurs to me that I'm not necessarily reacting out of/against compassion fatigue at all but rather out of (duh) a lack of connection/interaction with friends.  The lack of this with specific beloveds is being exacerbated by/is exacerbating how much I feel the lack of it with various other friends.  (This is not a slam on y'all -- we're all busy.)

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