February 11th, 2009

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I just went over to Spangler to get some eggs (forgetting they take breakfast away at 10:30) 'cause I'd decided that the cereal I had at home this morning just wasn't gonna hold me until lunch.

People have been posting facebook status messages, etc., commenting on seeing green outside (as all the snow has been melting). This morning on my way in I was thinking how bizarre it is, that seeing these green patches makes me feel like "spring is coming," even though it is mid-February so I have no expectations of spring for at least a month.

Walking outside just now, I was wearing just a blouse (and pants, etc. -- perverts) and it felt almost warm. I checked weather.com when I got back to my office, and it says 48F at 10:25am.

Edit: I had the line "regular like seasons" running through my head, so I Googled it 'cause I couldn't remember what it was from, and it's the Indigo Girls' "Ghost." Ouch.
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I could finish Sacred Space (I got interrupted today), and joy sadhana, and do the brief writeup of Rest and Bread.  Or I could brush my teeth and change into pajamas and go to bed.  I think I will do the latter.