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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

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Rest and Bread ("Resilience") [2009-02-18]
Dear Beloved,

Rest and Bread, our service of prayer and communion will begin at 6:15. Music for meditation will begin at 6.

This is the last Wednesday in Epiphany. The theme of our service is "Resilience."

Next week on Wednesday, will be our Ash Wednesday Service at 7 PM. The theme of our service for Ash Wednesday is "Broken." There won't be a service at 6.

The following Wednesday, Rest and Bread will meet again, and all through Lent, at 6:15 PM. We hope to worship in the style of Taize. Each Wednesday in Lent, we will also have a simple soup and bread dinner at 7 PM. At 7:30, we'll think and talk together about "Making the Faith Our Own."

In the meantime, come tonight, let's think and prayer together about how our faith helps us be resilient.

In faith and love,
Laura Ruth
Psalm 121
Sacred Text: Proverbs 3:1-12

In the Reflection, Laura Ruth talked about ways to develop resilience (drawing on the Proverbs text):
- let your feelings roll through you; don't let your feelings become habits
- trust in God, not in some abstract way but in something specific, find some place where you feel God and return to that
- develop wisdom: by listening in prayer, and by listening to people wiser than you who have gone through things you have not
- be creative; become a co-creator with God, don't be satisfied with the way things are
- take what helps you and leave the rest

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