April 6th, 2009


Apparently I'm not making posts of substance today.

I successfully gave blood!  \o/  My veins were slow last time, but this time the guy found a good vein (inside right arm) and everything went fine.  (Well, I felt kind of like Seymour in Little Shop because they had to do a second stick -- my hemoglobin count came out too low the first time -- and after I was done, I was attempting to open a water bottle and noticed that hey, my gauze was soaked through with blood, so I walked over to the nice workers and someone replaced the gauze and wrapped it with pink sticky cloth so it wouldn't come off again and put a cold pack on top of that to alleviate the bruising and wrapped that.)

While I was waiting for the bus back, someone pulled up and honked.  Because this is my life, my first thought was that it was someone I knew offering me a ride home, but no, it was just some random guy.  The third time he said, "Mount Auburn" I finally realized what he was saying and replied, "Yes, this is Mount Auburn Street."

I now have free address labels with my new/current address on them thanks to the Children's Cancer Research Fund.