April 11th, 2009


(rainy) Holy Saturday

I got crepes with Chris today, and sometime between when I got there around 11am and when I left around 1:30pm, SCBC's signboard had been changed to say, "Happy Easter!"  I literally said out loud, "It's Holy Saturday -- it's not Easter yet."


sweet_adelheid posted a Holy Saturday meditation.  Excerpts: Collapse )

One part I didn't include in the above excerpt talks about wilderness experience, but I really resonated with Adelheid's comments about confusion and helplessness and impatience to get it over with.  I also thought about how one of my friends is currently in a wilderness situation -- and will be through much of this week and probably longer.  I've been thinking about silence, about disconnect, about embodying God's presence for each other.

I've never observed Holy Saturday before, and this whole day I haven't really known how to honor the day, but spending it in my house in the quiet with some rain outside, sitting with thoughts and mild confusion, feels appropriate (plus of course being present with the aforementioned friend via email and prayer).

Heading out to Holy Saturday Vigil now...

[CWM] Holy Saturday: A Vigil of Remainder [2009-04-11]

Collapse )


When I showed up, I mentioned to Joy that I was feeling "churched-out."  I liked this service, though.  (Although I was a little thrown because I feel like when the idea of a Holy Saturday service was first floated, it was a lengthy Stations of the Cross sort of thing moving through the church and ending in a sanctuary which has been decked out for Easter.)

We sat in a circle around a round table (probably the CWM altar) draped in black cloth and with a tray of sand filled with white tealight candles.

The whole service lasted about 45 minutes.  Afterward, Leyalyn (age 3) commented in surprise that it was "short" (CWM services are usually about an hour and a half long).

And now, sleep.  Sunrise service tomorrow!