April 12th, 2009

orchid, spring

"practice resurrection"

This morning, I was in prayer and I was thinking of Ari's "& for Elizabeth, as she holds them in her heart."  There's an e. e. cummings poem that begins:

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)

I thought about what an honor it is to be able to hold the pain of my loved ones in my heart.  And about how I carry God's heart in my heart, too -- I suppose vice versa (that God carries my heart in God's heart) makes more sense, but I think what I was getting at this morning is how I can bear pain for others and can also bear God (love, grace, mercy, peace, etc.) to others.

At CWM we read John 20:1-18.

I knew from facebook that Tiffany had been working on her Easter Sunday sermon on Good Friday, and she opened her sermon with talking about how we move so quickly from the triumphal entry of Palm Sunday to the triumphal tomb of Easter Sunday, which I really appreciated since my heart is very much with my Holy Saturday friend.

During the Children's Time, Tiffany talked about how resurrection makes everything different -- witness our altar abundant in flowers, for example (coming up for Children's Time, Leyalyn had said somewhat breathily, "Wow," and when Tiffany asked her why she said that she said, "Because I didn't know it was gonna be like this").  She brought up this theme again in her sermon -- that "resurrection radically transforms reality."  She talked about how resurrection is not resuscitation, is not just breathing life back into the old but is rather a radical transformation.

She talked about Mary at the tomb and how she gets this brief moment of joy at reunion but Jesus says, "You can't hold on to me, so don't even try."  (She also talked about how we read Mary's proclamation as one of joy -- that's how we want to hear it, after all, it is Easter -- but that that isn't necessarily how it went.  "Christ was risen, but her Jesus was gone.")

She also talked about how it was only after Mary had stayed with her grief that she was able to enter the tomb and have that encounter.  She said that Easter is not the denial of death, but the radical confrontation of death.

Also: "It is not the death of Jesus that saves us but the Resurrection."