June 8th, 2009

moon house

I've been thinking about grace recently.

When Roza and I were walking around the Davis Square area this evening, we passed a Kingdom Hall (between Hope Fellowship Church and St. James's Episcopal Church).  I mentioned that I've been thinking of church-hopping on Sunday mornings this summer -- I'm kind of tired of CHPC and I haven't really church-hopped since I started at CHPC and CWM in early 2007 (I started to do an ecumenical summer in England in 2003, and I did ecumenical Advents in 2005 and 2006).  She said if I did decide to do that, to let her know 'cause she'd like to come with me -- which surprised me.  Being me, of course I'm developing a schedule.  I think I'm going to keep going to CHPC until LizL's installation at Waltham (which I want to attend) and then do Sunday morning church-hopping.  On my list so far: Unity Church (the only primarily-English-speaking church on College Ave. I haven't been to worship service at), Hope Fellowship, the Vineyard, [edit] King's Chapel (a UU church that uses a revised version of the 1662 BCP) [/edit].  (Suggestions welcome, of course.)  I'd also like go to The Crossing sometime -- which is Thursday night, which is problematic since that's CAUMC small group.  I think Sean said he's gonna be away in July and August; I'm not sure if that would be a better or worse time to bail on small group.


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