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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Thursday, June 11th, 2009

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omg, meme
via fox1013: who do you ship me with?

I am also leaving comments screened on this entry in case you would like to make incriminating comments.

As always, I endorse the writing of Real Person Fic about myself.
Oops, day off tomorrow should not mean up late, since I'm still going to the gym.
Apparently the CAUMC Young Adult Minister position is only paid for 10 months, so Sean will not be working for us July and August, and we opted to not meet on Thursday nights during that time.  So I'll be able to go to The Crossing or the Thursday night sessions of my Tuesday/Thursday World Religions class or whatever.

I am still figuring out the driving "why" of my ecumenical summer so that I can tailor my schedule appropriately.

I am a lazy fucking bitch at work, but it also makes me twitchy to take time off.  Yeah, I have Issues about being a control-freak and all that.  But I am taking all day tomorrow off (washing machine is arriving between noon and 2pm).

Reminder: meme

My stomach feels a little off.  As it did after lunch.  I think this is stomach and not that-time-of-months cramps, but I'm not sure why that would be (i.e., what it is that I ate that would be upsetting my stomach).  Meh.  (It doesn't actually hurt such that it's a problem, I just think it can't be good.)


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