June 13th, 2009


"we your people, ours the journey..."

First, Happy 28th wedding anniversary to my parents.

Second, Happy PRIDE!

The Pride Interfaith Service felt a lot like last year'sCollapse )

We got second breakfast at the Dunkin' Donuts by Boylston and came back and watched the Parade from about where we did last year.  Unfortunately we didn't manage to meet up with Roza.

Five minutes after I left my house, I realized I totally hadn't thought to bring a camera.  (Allie didn't either, which we both regretted a bit.)

[Parade was about 12:20pm-1:20pm where we were.]
I think it was the Roller Derby girls who had pretty girls (shimmery midrif-baring outfits and brightly colored hair) holding their banner.
We also saw a costumed contingent from comicopia incl. Dazzler.
I liked that not all the politicians were white men.  I also liked how many groups there were of middle-aged/retired folks (including a couple drag queens).
There was a group of Indian (as in, Indian subcontinent) folks, which we didn't remember from last year.
One of the trucks representing a gay club had folks with whips and floggers, but I think that was the only BDSM representation.
I saw First Pres Waltham and LizL looked hott in her clerical collar.  I also recognized RevSteph with The Crossing and Desmond from ASC and recognized lots of FCS folks (marching as one among many UCC congregations).  I didn't see ANTS, but I did see their banner hung up at the Interfaith Service.
[official website: parade route and participants]

City Hall Plaza seemed even more crowded than in years past.  We hit the Bisexual Resource Center booth (Ellyn -- formerly of Teen Voices, now living with her partner in Brockton -- and I chatted catching up) and I considered getting a "It's not a phase It's my life" t-shirt.  We regretted not stopping at the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" booth.  I bought a black messenger bag with a beautiful tree picture on it.  $45.  I love my cheap black backpack for weekdays when I need to carry a change of clothes (gym) along with a book and water bottle and etc, but it feels a bit much on weekends when I'm only carrying a book and water bottle and etc.  We found CWM's booth but didn't stay long (though I did take a pin which I'll put on my backpack) because Carolyn wanted to see about maybe buying a bag like mine and then we were meeting up with offbalance and j_bkl.  (So I also didn't get to hit the Poly-Amory booth.)

We wanted sit-down lunch, so we headed toward Faneuil Hall.  J. mentioned that if there was anywhere we wanted to go but couldn't 'cause we're locals we could use them for the tourist excuse.  When we got to Sam's Cafe at Cheers, Allie and I mentioned that neither of us had been there before, so J. decreed that's where we were going.  He explained, "As a heterosexual male, it's my job to enforce the patriarchy" (though he also said he's a lesbian).  Yeah, I like J.  (I've heard lots of "Awesome boyfriend is awesome" stories and I didn't have any reason to disbelieve, but this was the first time I'd actually met him.)  And then at one point we were talking about Buffy and he made a cutting remark about Dawn and I flipped him off and he shook my hand -- "Stand up for your girl."
    There are 3 ATMs in Quincy Market.  We hit all three of them (the first two were broken -- "Throat Error" said the first one) and Erica(?) from the Hav said hi to me during our travels (I was really impressed that she remembered my name).  We sat down at the restauarant about 3pm.  We hit the bathrooms on the way out of Sam's and hey, ATM.  Anyway, I got Pasta Caprese (included artichoke hearts) and a Blueberry Ale (look at me, drinking beer and not minding it at all).
    I hadn't seen Sharon in two years, and Allie didn't know either of them, but the four of us easily geeked out together -- plus, bonus, Sharon really likes Boston :)

Allie and I hit Million Year Picnic and Herrell's on the way back.

Getting off the train at Davis, we saw a guy wearing this t-shirt.  Allie and I frequently lamented that we passed as straight (and we didn't even get any stickers or beads or anything); we kept seeing all these people who clearly had come from Pride, but we didn't so code to an outsider.  Clearly next year we need to plan our outfits better (today we were mostly going for "what will make us overheat least").

Also, apparently I need to take the ferry out to Provincetown with Allie one of these days.  And we also need to do the Freedom Trail.

Walking home, we saw the little girl on stilts from the Parade.  She was selling lemonade, complete with blue heart-shaped ice cubes.  (Yes, we bought some.)

I got home around 6pm and washed the sunscreen off me (Mom, you can be so proud: not only did I remember to put sunscreen on, but I put the bottle in my bag, which meant not only could I put some on my chest -- which I had forgotten initially -- but Allie got to put sunscreen on -- she'd forgotten to put any on until she was too far from her house to go back) ... and napped a bit.  Apparently I was more tired than I realized.  I probably would have just stayed in bed except I wanted to get this written (parents' anniversary and all).