June 26th, 2009

professional me, self


I opted to take the #66 out to Amy even though it would take about the same amount of time as walk/Red Line/Green Line and I'd be more likely to get to read on the subway.  I did actually get to read a fair amount and I snagged a seat partway through.  I remember being awake at Coolidge Corner.  And then it was Malcolm X Boulevard and I wondered if this was too far.  And a couple stops later we were at Dudley Station.  Oops.  Almost immediately I saw a #14 bus to Heath St./Huntington pull in, so I hopped on that, saw a bit of scenic Roxbury, and then hopped on the E Line.

I picked up books for Ari, and a metric fuckton of alcohol for our party (housemate says now the only alcohol we need to buy for the party is some more rum).

On my way back on Longwood Ave., I saw an M2.  \o/  So I took that back to the Red Line, then got out at Davis, had dinner (outside) at Mr. Crepe with L. (who drove me home afterward), called Ari, and now I get to go to bed before midnight :D


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