July 9th, 2009

Smith College, Ainsley Hayes

The Crossing [2009-07-02]

I got there about twenty minutes early (T-ing from Harvard right after work).  There was a table with supplies for namecards, only I didn't see any empty name cards, so I just plopped myself down in a pew while folks set up the worship space. 

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At one point, I was telling Sue about how CAUMC-Eric thinks I should be a Phantom ChurchGoer and blog about it.  She mentioned Ship Of Fools, which once she mentioned it I realized I think I'd heard of before (she said she thinks it's run by Methodists, so that makes sense that I might have heard of it before).  It's a very specific questionnaire, so definitely different than Ari's 6-axis scale (liturgy, music, welcome, preaching, communion, GLBT-affirming).


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SCBC / Unity Church [2009-07-05]

At SCBC prayer group, Ross said that Emily had suggested we each name an attribute of God that we appreciate/are grateful for and we'll use that as a focus for our prayers today.  (I'm getting to think of this prayer group as sort of practicing different modes of praying, even though I'd sort of been hoping for more of what I imagined the prayer group my mom used to go to at UCN being -- i.e., really sitting in prayer with each other.)

Emily started and said Love, so then I said Grace (Love is obviously the single most defining characteristic of God as far as I'm concerned, but with that one having been said I had to come up with another one, and Grace has been much on my mind these past months).  Ross said he was gonna say Grace, so then he said Patience.
A couple people didn't seem to really understand the question and were basically like, "Coming to Jesus changed my life.  I love Jesus."  I recognize that not everyone's cognition powers are optimal, so I don't fuss too much at the talking past each other, but I still cannot grok that conversion experience.
David wasn't present, but Emily was doing the "Father God" thing.  Sigh.  I get that that's a totally legit way to understand God, but it's such an awkward construction (to be like, "We thank you, Father God, for...") that I can't get past that.

I forget what I said in the thrust of my closing prayer, but I remember saying, "because God is present for everyone."


Unity service is at 11am, so I went to Dunkin' Donuts and got second breakfast and came back and sat outside Unity reading in the bright sun until it got to be too much and I had to go inside.

Roza came in a bit after me (and we hugged like whoa) and we sat together and commented back and forth a little during service and debriefed afterward.

I... I can't even say "church: ur doin it wrong" because the frameworks within which it's operating are so different from any I'm used to.
It feels kind of UU, only it's more Biblically-inflected, and its major theme is the power of positive thinking, which I am wicked uncomfortable with.

On the front wall of the sanctuary, are three quotations:
"All things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." -Christ Jesus
"God is love." -St. John
"Dive love always has met and always will meet every human need." -Mary Baker Eddy

There are paraments(?) hung along each wall, each a different color with a different word on each -- Life, Release, Zeal, Order, Will, Understanding, Imagination, Power, Wisdom, Strength, Love, Faith

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Rest and Bread [2009-07-08]

Dear Beloved,

Come tonight for Rest and Bread, if you like. Come pray with us, join us for communion at 6:15. Come for a deep, sweet silence at 6.

After Rest and Bread, come tell us what you like about Rest and Bread, and what you wish we would and could do. We'll be so glad for your input.

Laura Ruth

Psalm 82
John the Baptist (Someone read Mark 1:1-11 -- though I don't actually remember having heard any of the middle bits.)

Keith did the Reflection.  He talked about how John the Baptist is sometimes thought of as the last of Old Testament prophets, precursor to Messiah.
He said that Jesus might have been a follower of John, but they had some differences.  Jesus says God's kingdom is more accessible, something we can participate in, less catastrophic.  His end point was something about building up the kingdom with each other -- I don't even remember; I've heard a lot of sermons recently, and it's all somewhat blurry.

At the call to prayer, Laura Ruth said, "some of us think we have too many prayers and some of us think our silent prayers won't be heard," and we are invited to share aloud as many prayers as we wish, and to keep silent as many prayers as we wish.  I was pleased by this (see my recent discomfort with how Prayers are done here versus for example at CWM).  She spoke to God, "begging your presence here in this room," which sort of talk always makes me uncomfortable since God is always present and said that we know that "all that we ask of you is met with respect."  I really liked that phrasing.

She invited us to pray for our world, our nation, and our community.  I wasn't sure if that was supposed to include all of our Prayer Concerns, so after a couple of people had lifted up more global concerns (with substantial periods of silence in between -- I learned later that she had totally forgotten about the sung response), I listed all of mine (I prayed for Charles, and for CWM, in ways that didn't insult anyone being prayed for \o/) and then she said we also pray for ourselves and those we love (oops).

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Before service, Laura Ruth and I talked briefly and then she said she had to go off and do stuff to prepare for service, and I said yeah, I know not to expect to get real interaction with her around service 'cause she's got stuff going on, which well means ever since I only see her here.  She was like, "I didn't know you wanted to interact with me more."  I said there wasn't anything in particular I wanted to talk about, and I know that if I needed pastoral care I could ask (and I said that I don't need pastoral care right now but that if I do this summer she will totally be my go-to person since Molly's on sabbatical and Tiffany's on maternity leave), I had just been realizing that I never get any real time with her.  So she said okay let's get coffee.  (Of course, now that I've set this in motion I have no idea what I would talk to her about.)
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Now We Are (Twenty-)Six

My mom emailed me this morning:
Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Happy birthday to you,
      Happy birthday to you,
              Happy birthday, dear Elizabeth ,
                      Happy birthday to you!

Did we get a gift? Yes
      Send a card? Yes
            Bake a cake?  Saturday

I think we got you covered :-)

Hope people are lovely to you today!
[if not, those mama bear claws will come out and git ‘em]

Unsolicited, Greg wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug.

Ben picked up chocolate coffee cake at the grocery store (in honor of the incoming doctoral students, I think).  We each had 3 slices.

Rey the mail guy (37 tomorrow) gave me a hug.  \o/


I feel like I know very few people outside of my department, but the list of people I invited to lunch was actually really long -- except everyone had a summer class or a deadline or a doctor's appointment or was home sick or whatever, so that got deferred to next week.  Sigh.  (I was really kind of in the mood for Le's' peanut ginger tofu.  Boo.  I ended up having trail mix instead.  I thought about getting Spangler stirfry and eating outside with a book, except I just couldn't bring myself to -- I dunno, I had spates of weird today.  I came home and had leftover tofu stirfry and a banana, though, so I feel okay about my body.)


All the cheap hair places in Davis close at like 6pm, so I decided fuck it and went to Salon Cu.  Birthday present to myself, or something.  Fixing last month's haircut.

I forgot how nice it can be to get my hair cut at a f'real salon.  ("You have awesome hair," Lauren-the-stylist said.)  And they style it so it looks way nicer than it ever will on my own -- so arguably I should have done it Saturday before our big party.  Oh well.

I also feel really badass, 'cause coming home I was approaching the Boston Ave. intersection and it had a walk light and so I jogged across to make the light and I just kept jogging/running until I got home.  I remember when I lived in Norwood I'd be walking somewhere and would get in the mood to run and I'd probably more like sprint for a block or two and then have to stop so I didn't die.  So tonight I felt like, "Hey, this is what one is able to do after one has done the treadmill three times a week for months.  \o/"  (GoogleMaps Pedometer tells me the distance from the intersection to my house is ~0.488mi, so it's totally not wicked badass, and I was definitely breathing heavily by the end, but whatever.)

And wow, my whole mood was so improved by having happy hair.

And I laundered my winter sheets and put my spring sheets on my bed, and I washed dishes.  And I got to talk to my bff, and it was substantive and easy and just good.

And my housemate read me a bunch of #1stdraftmovielines.

I heard fireworks around 9:30 and 9:50.  I had forgotten that Somerville's fireworks were tonight until the hair stylist asked me if I was going.  I suppose I could have gone for my birthday, but I am very okay with my decision to not go.


Jeremy wished me "Happy "43 notifications from Facebook" day!" so of course I did up the stats:
facebook: 8 (plus Jeremy plus one early one from Alexis in Finland, and a facebook gift from another friend)
LJ: 3
email: 5 (not counting all the replies to my birthday lunch email that said things along the lines of "sorry I can't come to lunch, but have a happy birthday")
also: phonecall from my brother

Following the posting of this (which was not a plea for more happy birthday wishes, I swear -- though I certainly will not reject them):
3 6 LJ comments, 3 LJ posts, 1 2 facebook Wall posts