July 30th, 2009


not quite bonus-surprise all-nighter

5:49:23 last night.  I think that may be a record for us.  Gotta love phones that you can plug in and charge while still talking on the phone.

I will likely be ded of omfgbbq packed schedule of programming, but it occurred to me that I could go to church on Sunday morning.  Ari found me a church (2mi from the hotel, but given -- among other things -- that it will be August, I think I will get a cab).


flight plan

Thursday, July 30
Sun Country flight #252 BOS-MSP
11:15am - 1:15pm
0 Stops
    Elapsed Time  3 hr 0 min
(arriving at Humphrey)

Monday, August 3
Sun Country flight #251 MSP-BOS
06:55 AM - 10:30 AM
0 Stops
    Elapsed Time  2 hr 35 min


I do not anticipate being on the internet while I'm out there, but if there's something you want me to read/respond to while I'm out there you can txt/call me and I'll borrow someone's laptop.  You can also call if you just need to talk to me.

If I die (WHICH WILL TOTALLY NOT HAPPEN), I have left Ari my relevant passwords and contact info for notifications and funeral planning.