August 14th, 2009


apparently I moonlight as an engineer

Scott: "Conjectural fail."
He explained he had conjectured that there might be clipboards in the supply cabinet, but there weren't. We talked back and forth for a bit and then I said, "I can offer you a legal pad and a binder clip to approximate a clipboard." He informed me that I had made his day. (Later in the conversation we joked about patenting this invention -- well he joked about whether we could sell this invention and I responded by joking about patent process, because it is Really Obvious that I just recently took an intellectual property class).

Also: It had totally failed to click for me until a "did you watch this tv show as a kid?" conversation today that *duh* I am (four years) older than he is because he is a first year doctoral student who started grad school right after undergrad (I think this is in part because usually the doctoral students I know much at all here are close to finishing the program, so they are almost by definition older than I am -- though the more years I'm here the closer that comes to being untrue).