September 22nd, 2009


Happy Autumnal Equinox.

Turning on to College Ave. this morning, I saw my first patch of orange/red foliage this season.  (I didn't take a picture this morning, but this is a picture from when I was coming home -- I swear there's more red and orange than there was this morning.  Also: I can has orchid bloom -- though it makes me sad that it came out fuzzy; photographer/camera fail.)

I finally renewed my Shad membership.  (The year runs through August 31, but you get a grace month, and I keep not having time and/or forgetting.  Have I mentioned recently how spoiled I am that I'm paying $20/month for these facilities?  That's like $1/session.)

In my Inbox this morning:
Save the Date for Smith College Reunion 2010
Reunion/Commencement weekend is May 13 to 16
Classes of 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005.
(Isabel suggests, "I think that since they got rid of 2-year reunions and your first one is supposed to be a reunion I so that you can relive the whole college experience and feel especially bonded (or something) we somehow ended up with two reunion 1's in a row. I'm definitely not complaining.")

Edit: Okay, I found myself on the "Smith College - Alumnae" facebook page, and someone commented: "Is anyone else disappointed with the new Reunion schedule? Instead of mixing younger and older classes each weekend, there is now one weekend for classes up to the 25th reunion and one for 30th reunion and higher. I always loved seeing the older alums on campus--they are so inspiring! I can't imagine why Smith made this change."

Also from that facebook Wall: Smith campus house mugs and mousepads by Lenora Paglia ’83

And lastly: SCMA makes Boston Globe's Top 10 campus art collections (having worked there for 3 years, albeit in an administrative assistant capacity, the art museum always feels particularly "mine"/"home" re: Smith). /edit

Speaking of planning farther ahead than my brain is right now, la bff emailed me about the winter holidays \o/  (Sparkle-text would probably be more accurate than rockstar arms, but I don't have her gift for textual representation :) )

My life is awesome.

Discussing atonement theology, we have also talked about the Fall, which led to talk about Creation, and after I referenced C. S. Lewis' Perelandra, I ended up talking about "God on a learning curve" and Creation/creativity/"Look, I am doing a new thing" and my faith journey (all of these in brief and not elaborated -- or even cited -- since in theory I was going to bed) and quoted Dar Williams --

'cause when you live in a world
Well it gets in to who you thought you'd be
And now I laugh at how the world changed me
I think life chose me after all