September 29th, 2009

office bitch

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So, I came in a half hour early (I even went to the gym already -- up at 5:30am, baby) because I wanted to make sure I got all this data stuff done for 10:05 class (which really means by like 9:50, since prof has to actually walk over to class and all), and I think I'm done. Note that it is 9:01am. I still wanna doublecheck it, and I am definitely glad I'm not wrapping this up at 9:30am, but I still feel a little silly (even though I know this was totally the right choice since I would have been so much more stressed if I were doing this under time-crunch). I also feel a little rockstar, though, so it evens out :) (It's also nice to actually feel motivated to do the work I need to do -- as opposed to yesterday when I wanted to do neither my job-work nor my class-work.)