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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

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not a waste of a Saturday
gym: Sept. 21-25Collapse )


One reason to get enough sleep during the week: that way I don't feel lethargic all day on Saturday.


gym: Sept. 28 - Oct. 2Collapse )


I gave blood at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford ~12:30 today.  When they called me on Sunday, I was surprised, not having thought it had been long enough since I last gave blood, but apparently that last was August 6.

So I weighed myself at the gym yesterday -- because the form for giving blood asks your weight, and I want to be accurate.  behind the cut: highlight for weight numbers and talk about food consumptionCollapse )

I didn't get to bed until like 1:30am, but I still woke up a few times before I got up with my 10:30am alarm.  And GoogleMaps was actually fairly accurate about how long it would take me to walk to the hospital.  I was surprised at how few people there were, but I suppose the rain plus it being early afternoon on Saturday...  It did mean I got through quickly.  (temp: 98.4F, pulse: 68, BP: 96/60)  I am next eligible to give blood Nov. 28.

I deposited L's check, bought paper towels, came home and changed out of my rain-touched (yes, I did use my umbrella) clothes into pajamas, and did a load of laundry (including putting it all away).  And felt sleepy doing my Gandhi reading.  Sigh.  So I laid down and didn't-really-nap for much of the afternoon.  I finished the book reading (though I haven't started the online readings), and watched the film clips from Friday, and started my discussion board response.


Prayer from assorted church communities:

UCN: Lillian E. is in the ICU at Brigham with some fluid/blood in her brain after some kind of brain bleed
SCBC: Pastor Vic's wife Mary (age 73) died on Sept. 26
CHPC: LizC's mom (Betty, age 85) died last night after a long illness
FCS: LizD's grandmother had a stroke and is likely in her last days. Liz is particularly saddened that she won't be around to meet her great-granddaughter.

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