October 4th, 2009

righteous shall walk by faith

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Walking home from CWM around 8pm tonight, I thought: (1) I am physically tired. (2) I don't wanna do my discussion board response for class.  The Discussion Board questions are much better than last week's, but I still didn't wanna do them.

I took this class because I'm interested in interfaith/ecumenical issues and in dialogue, but it feels so like an intro class, and I don't wanna regurgitate information.  Thinking about the papers we're going to have to write, I'm not interested in doing research.

I am interested in conversations about theology and liturgy.  At lunch today after Bible Study, Althea asked me how I had the energy to do so much church.  My immediate response is that doing church energizes me.  I keep saying recently that I want to talk about what we (say we) believe and why and how we embody that.  I say this with a passionate desire to have these conversations, and a passionate engagement when I am having these conversations.

I'm glad to be finding where my passions are, even if I don't know how I would turn it into an actual job where I ever to decide to leave my current job (though hey, one step at a time ... it's not like I'm in a rush).  And I'm mostly looking forward to the remainder of my class, which is good (two weeks on Buddhist ethics, then two weeks on Judaism, two weeks on Christianity -- Marcus Borg and John Paul II; plus the prof's chapters on Incarnation, Spirit, and Prayer -- and two weeks on modern Islam).

(And yes, I posted my Discussion Board response about a half an hour ago.  And I actually think it's reasonably good -- though not necessarily A-level -- unlike last week's, which I thought I did a horrid halfway job of, though the TA emailed us later saying she thought we'd all done "a wonderful job")
religion is a queer thing

Okay, I'm really going to bed now.

My housemate's on Skype with a Canadian friend, and she put him on speakerphone so he could read aloud to both of us from the worst RPG ever.  Example: if you're half-demon and you touch a baby, there's x% chance it'll cry, y% chance it'll urinate, z% chance it'll defecate.  I kept asking, "What is the utility of that?  Can you use that as a weapon or something?"  Re: babies, I believe it was my housemate who suggested maybe you could throw one like a grenade.  I think this was after she'd done the math to find out the chance of making a baby do all 3 at once (~9%).  I said, "So if you threw ten babies..."  This then got me thinking of Jayne in the Serenity movie ("Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, doncha think?").  She of course felt the need to point out to her friend (who has yet to meet me): "So my roommate who just suggested the army of baby grenades is a good Christian."  (Overheard after I'd gone back to my room: "That's my roommate.  She's awesome.")