October 5th, 2009

hipster me


I didn't end up getting to bed until like 11:30pm last night.  I woke up at like 5:55am (and got up with my 6:00 alarm) and still went to the Collapse ) and got to the office before 9:00 (raise your hand if you're surprised that it was useful that I was in early given the existence of a 9am meeting).

Visa [er, international travel, not credit card] stuff was less stressful as I had feared it might be -- though it's not quite done yet.

I did the Gandhi reading I didn't do over the weekend 'cause my Adobe is borked.  I think my Discussion Board response makes it clear that I didn't do those readings -- and then I realized that they're Optional readings.


I had my usual Raisin Bran breakfast at home, but I was still hungry after the gym.  My work morning wasn't conducive to heading over to Spangler. so I had a NutriGrain bar and handfuls of trailmix.

The International buffet was China, so I got egg rolls, plus steamed broccoli (tho I could have done without the hoisin sauce).  And later in the afternoon a Twix Bar.

This morning my throat was dry(?), and I drank lots of water throughout the day, and coughing turned into sniffling/sneezing late in the workday.

Ironically, Friday night L. and I had dinner at the Vietnamese place in the Garage 'cause she wasn't feeling well and wanted chicken soup, and she asked me what I eat when I'm sick (since I'm a vegetarian) and I was like, "Uh..." since I almost never get sick.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and bought fruit (fresh and frozen), and having consumed some of that, I am going to have some protein and then go to bed.


Also, today was Mountain Day.