October 6th, 2009

professional me, self


I went to bed at like 8:30 last night.

Dreams included a not-very-good date with Jason. /o\

Walking to work, I was feeling better (as in, less sick). I was also thinking that maybe I should have just skipped the gym, but I actually did my entire usual "strength training" workout in ~45 minutes. I was really conscious of not rushing myself -- since I wasn't feeling well -- but I think having gotten a lot of sleep made the actual work feel a lot easier (inorite).

Greg to Kathleen: "Are you around--?"
Kathleen: "I have a break--"
Greg: "Not today, just broadly speaking, over the next two or three weeks."
Kathleen: "Yeah, I'm around."
me: "What, your answer isn't "No, I'm in meetings all the time"?"
Kathleen: "Elizabeth points out that "here" and "available" aren't the same for me. So you should probably try to get on my calendar. Thanks, Elizabeth."
me: "Do I get a bonus for the fact that I manage EVERYONE?"

edit: I sent off Jim's visa application around 3:30, and I kept feeling like I was missing something, despite having double- if not triple-checked the list of what was needed. As I was walking to the T after work it occurred to me: CIBT wants a photocopied set of all submitted documents, and gee, maybe it would have been a good idea for me to make a copy for myself as well. Sigh. /edit


Things wot are awesome:
+ ninja heads (aka, buckeye candies)
+ church history in 4 minutes (set to "We didn't start the fire")