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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

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NCOD sermon (DVD commentary)
I was finishing up my NCOD sermon before I left for evening church (where I knew Laci would be preaching using the lectionary and in full knowledge that it was NCOD), so there are parts that are shaky, plus I didn't have time to include "Things I learned while writing this sermon."  So, DVD commentary.  Because yes, fandom has shaped me.

Commentary is in [red bold brackets].

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Saturday was a day of sloth.  I decided I was maybe getting TOO MUCH sleep.

Saturday night I went to bed ~11pm, and I got up ~8am on Sunday.  I went to SCBC Adult Ed where we continued to talk about a Christian response to atheism, and then I went directly to to CHPC where I lay-read and stayed full through Coffee Hour.  I went home and finished writing my NCOD sermon in time to go to CWM, where I was helpfully extroverted not quite as much as would have been ideal but a little bit out of my comfort zone, and I ended up staying full through dinner and after, talking to Laci and folks.

I ended up staying up until about 12:30am Sunday night, but Monday I got up with plenty of time before brunch.  After brunch I talked to Ari for ~3 hours, after which I considered calling Laci since she'd be out of Affirmation meeting and maybe done subverting Columbus Day at Kohl's with the Collective, but I decided to write my Thich Nhat Hanh Discussion Board response instead (and I wouldn't let myself look at next week's lectionary readings until I was done -- still haven't looked at them, actually), after which I LJed, and went to bed ~10:30pm.

Tuesday (today) I got up with my 6:00 alarm, despite it being dark out (rain, I realized later).

Two FA's are out due to family issues, so I spent much of my day working on a project for another prof.  I was proactive about some immediate stuff with B (thanks in part to Sara) and emailed Jim a list of updates on stuff he had asked me to take care of plus stuff he still had outstanding.  So I feel like it was a good productive day.

Allie and I got crepes for dinner, and we split a dessert crepe.  lol most indecisive.  I didn't have a preference for which one, so we got a s'mores one 'cause that's what she was in the mood for.  Then neither of us had small bill sufficient to pay the other one half, so we were going back and forth about who would put it on her card and just be owed money by the other.  I said "I don't care," and Allie literally said, "I said 'I don't care' first."  So I put it on my card.  And when the other people in line said, "Did you already order?" and I said "No, but I think you were ahead of me," and they said go ahead, I said Okay, and I did.

And now I am moving into the bad habit of not getting enough sleep, but I can aim for 8hours/night and hopefully that will work well.

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