October 21st, 2009

hard at work

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Despite being DISMISSED like umpteen times this morning (inside joke), I actually worked like all day.  I started an email to my best friend at like 11am and sent it at like 4:30.  I got lunch at like 1:30 and considered eating outside (60s F, sunny-ish) but went back inside and ended up doing more work.  (I totally could have chosen to take a hard lunch hour -- please don't think I was forced into this or anything.)  I was mostly proactive and did the stuff I didn't especially want to do without much hesitation because I knew it had to get done and it would be better if I just did it and didn't dwell on the fact that I didn't want to do it.

Before Rest and Bread tonight, Laura Ruth and I were talking, and I said I might not write a sermon this week because I don't like the lectionary, and plus I already wrote a church vision statement.  She asked me to send it to her, and so I decided to just post it to facebook now instead of waiting until the weekend -- especially because listening to the song "Hallelujah" before service and remembering the Fackenheim I'd read last night (not just what I posted) I was sermonating in my head (and want to try to make it work with the lectionary, because I Am Like That) -- and my bff remains my sometimes braintwin and I am really pleased to find that I can be passionately articulate about things that matter deeply to me (in this case a comments conversation about my strong resistance to the pro-weight-loss meme).