November 3rd, 2009

in a gen way i swear

My facebook status is "Elizabeth celebrates 5 years with her bff (in a gen way we swear!)."

It is Ari's birthday, which means it also the anniversary of our mutual LJ-friending.

We have now been friends for FIVE YEARS.  So it has actually been A Long Time, as opposed to it just feeling like forever.

We had been friends for less than 2 years the first time someone told me they thought we were dating (WriterCon 2006).

In March of 2005 [tag], over the course of about 24 hours I made the decision and finalized the plans to fly from Massachusetts to Virginia five days later (I always say nine days when I'm telling this story, but apparently that's wrong) to meet her and sk8eeyore (at which point I had known Ari less than six months -- though I had known Sarah for much longer).

We started daily check-in phone calls sometime last year, and now I feel like there's something wrong if we haven't gotten to talk for a few days.
We have such companionable silence that we can get disconnected and not notice.  We are also grateful that we can talk on our cell phones while they charge because we sometimes talk SO MUCH that we exhaust a fully charged battery in a single conversation.

I trust her assessment of my interpersonal dramas more than anyone else's because she knows more of the details than anyone else.

We challenge each other on the language we use, on our theology, on all of the stuff that makes up how we live in the world.

From her 2007 birthday card to me: "you are my gen BFF, my sometimes brain twin, and always my trustest friend.  Thank you for listening to my obsessively detailed anecdotes and for trusting me with yours."

I don't think I could sum it up better.