November 20th, 2009

office bitch

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I finished my Project! \o/ Okay, okay, it turned out there's a bunch of stuff built into the system that automates what I thought I would have to do manually, but I'm still pleased with myself. I am also proud of me for stopping during working on responding to an LJ comment to make myself actually do this thing. (LJ discussions are shiny, and I sometimes seem to have the attention span of a goldfish.) Okay, I had the discipline to do this largely because I had said I would finish the Project by lunchtime, but still.

I am also tweaking my GoogleReader. I think I may unsubscribe to any feed where I have to click through to get the full entry. I am also considering signing up for Twitter just to follow the friends who aren't on LJ much, because getting an RSS of all the tweets is not so useful. I'm also open to suggestions of blogs I shouldn't be following 'cause they're problematic and/or blogs I should be following.

[I am also trying to actually do something with the interesting blogposts I read -- I keep just starring them in my GoogleReader and never going back to them, so I've gotta start at least putting them in my delicious even if I don't go back and actually blog about them.]