November 22nd, 2009

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At South Station, on the phone with Ari while waiting for my train, I gave money to a woman claiming to need bus fare up to Laconia.  I walk by people begging for change all over Harvard Square all the time and don't engage them AT ALL except for like a nod of the head or a "Sorry," even though I know I SHOULD, but sometimes I'll get approached by someone with some story I don't believe (though I believe the person is IN NEED -- because you don't go up to random people on the street and tell them some pathetic story unless there is something Not Okay in your life) and practice an act of radical generosity.

    When I got off the train at Norwood, I was still on the phone (duh) and my mom hugged me and (taking a wild guess) said, "Hi, Ari."
    My dad met us at the train station so he could take my mom's stuff home.  She had to pee, so she asked my dad to drive us to the coffeehouse so we'd get there sooner.  I was still on the phone when we got there (attempting to wrap up conversation while at the same time keeping an ear out in case I was supposed to be engaged with my parents' conversation).  When we got out, my dad said, "Bye, Ari."
    My mom said: "We all love Ari, even though we haven't actually met her."  ♥

The last time I saw Carrie Cheron perform, she recognized me from our conversations when she was busking in Davis Square and said that she's bad with names but remembers faces.  Before this concert I was sitting and talking with my mom over dinner, and during the intermission we were talking with the mother of one of my brother's classmates (I also got a slice of white&chocolate cake -- thumbs up).  So I wasn't ENTIRELY surprised when, when we were leaving after the concert, she said hi to me and said she'd seen me earlier.  I said I hadn't seen her in like two years.  Checking my tag, it's actually more like 3 years (almost exactly -- Nov. 13, 2006 to Nov. 20, 2009).  We talked about how I haven't seen her 'cause she doesn't so many of her shows are private shows or out in Western Mass. or something and how I didn't know a lot of the songs she played because I only know the stuff on her album.

During the show, someone in the audience asked at one point where her CD release party back in 2006 was (The Burren).  Someone (same person?) asked when she was releasing her next CD.
Carrie: "When I get some grant money."
audience member: "I know a guy named Grant."

While we were chatting, I told her that I had grown up in this town and blah blah blah.

me: "This is my mom."
CC: "Hi, mom."
me: "Sorry -- Barbara."
CC: "Hi, Barbara, I'm Carrie."

We chatted a bunch, and she hugged me goodbye.  Yes, ladyvivien, I know you're jealous :)

Edit: I forgot to mention that she played a cover at one point and from the very beginning I knew I knew it, though it took me until about the time the title was sung to remember the title -- "Angel from Montgomery" (John Prine).  Wow that brought me back to college (and made me think of anniesj, though I don't know if she's actually the person I got the mp3 from). /edit


Scott and I had brunch at Toscanini's.  We both got the fried egg sandwich :)

He kept seeing people he knew or thought he knew from MIT, and I commented that I sometimes I feel like I expect to see people I know and then I remember that I don't know that many people in Boston and anyway in this area (off Mass. Ave. between Central and MIT) I wasn't likely to see anyone I knew.
And then jadasc and eisa walked in.  They sat with us for a bit until Scott had to leave to prep for SPLASH.
I went with him, met his brother, and then made my way back to Central Square T.  Where I saw them AGAIN.  And M-E and Nathan.

I was home for a few hours and then spent ~6hrs with Allie!

I had seen a flyer at Mr. Crepe for Hedwig and the Angry Inch @ the Arsenal and thought of Allie, so we made plans to go see it.

We had dinner at Porcini's.  Which was probably the fanciest restaurant in the area.  It wasn't bad, but I wasn't particularly blown away.
I've seen the Hedwig movie once (and wasn't in love with it) and had never seen the (a?) stage version.  I forget sometimes what a dark dark story it is.
After the show we got hot chocolate at Algiers in Harvard Square.  (I got hot orange mint chocolate, with whipped cream, because I could.)


I got up an hour early to finish my sermon.  \o/  (Okay, I went to bed a little before 1am and got up a little before 6:30am, so I was totally not prayerful during prayertime at morning church and slept through the sermon, but...)

My mom's half-sister dragged her onto being on facebook, so she friended me and so I accepted and friended my dad (and my aunt Marian).  I've been somewhat resistant to being facebook friend with family, but given the way I use facebook these days, it really isn't a problem for me to be facebook friends with family.

On my dad's profile:
[my dad] and [my mom] are now friends.
[my mom] I thought we were more than friends ;)
Also, earlier this month my brother commented on my dad's Wall:
just curious, why doesn't your relationship status say "married"?

[my dad]: Originally, it was going to say, "In a Relationship with Golden Lion Tamarin" cause it worked with the silverback gorilla picture, but after I'd put in "In a Relationship," I found I could only end with someone already on facebook. So I just left it.
Today is the last Sunday of Year B.  Happy New Year's Eve, Church.

I haven't posted church writeups since the beginning of September.  /o\  I private-posted the backlog to to be finished in some mythical "later."  I'm not really optimistic about being any more on top of writeups in Year C, but I feel better starting with a clean slate.